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The Must-have Guide for Men – Part I

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Classic-fit Solid Wool Trouser

Classic-fit Solid Wool Trouser

A successful man is always noticeable through his clothes, his shoes and the way he wears them. Gone are the days when professional men had to stick to black suits, white shirts and red ties to make their mark; today, men have become more dapper, stylish and want to make their own mark in the world! And, the best way to upscale your style is to start with a light two-piece suit!

You might be tempted to brush aside a light colored-suit in favor of a dark-colored one, but beware, a light two-piece suit can give that bold, daring and dandy look. And, it doesn’t hurt that a light two-piece is an absolute must-have in every man’s closet! Opt for light charcoal gray heather gray, pale blue or chino varieties in softer shades. While tan and white are great, white is best reserved for weddings and special occasions and tan is perfect for holiday travel. You can include some pin-stripe light-colored suits for your everyday office use!

While opting for suits, it’s always best to go for a tailored one; but that can turn out to be pricey affair. For those of you, who want class at an affordable price, checkout the collection at Banana Republic and you could land up with a beautiful light charcoal gray two-piece suit for less than $200!

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May 21st, 2015

It’s Time to Shop Smart!

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Shibori Patio Dress

Shibori Patio Dress

You know how they say, good things comes only to those who wait! Well in this case, you sort of need to hurry! ‘cos, there’s an exclusive offer awaiting you at Banana Republic and you can avail it only if you hurry. Shop between 6:30pm and midnight, today, May 20, 2015 and you can avail a fabulous 40% discount on your purchase. Start shopping! But before you do, here’s a look at what’s hot this season!

Khaki: Since their inception in the late 1970s, khaki has become a sensational fashion piece over the years! And this summer khaki, has made its foray into the world of fashion in the form of shorts, pants, jogger pants and even jackets.

Bohemian style: Bohemian style prints, loose-fitting clothes, colorful accessories like headscarves, huge pendant necklaces and bracelets are back in fashion. This hippie trend is not really that hard to pull off; just use one piece at a time and create a psuedo-bohemian look!

Jumpsuits: If there’s one another reason to love summer, other than for the obvious floral print dresses, it would have to be jumpsuits. Quick and easy to style, jumpsuits are fast becoming a fashion statement and if you don’t want to left behind, you need to get one for yourself, now!

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May 20th, 2015

Jumpsuits: What’s not to Rock?

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Drapey Jumpsuit

Drapey Jumpsuit

Wanna look smoking hot? And, be the center of attention of the party? Nail it with a simple jumpsuit! Jumpsuits are fun, flirty and give you a new bounce of life in fashion, but jumpsuits can also make statements, provided you choose them right! Take this Drapey Jumpsuit for instance; it features a loose-fitting track pants-like bottom with ankle cuffs and a sweetheart neckline with spaghetti straps that offer plenty of chances for you to accessorize and dress it up! Also, this jumpsuit features a drawstring waist! Now, isn’t that something you would wanna try? Here’s why…

While printed jumpsuits are in a league of their own, solid colored jumpsuits offer a celebrity-esque status that’s hard to mimic! The only thing you need to keep in mind while picking out solid jumpsuits is character; you need to choose something that has a unique element that sets it apart from the rest. And, in this case, we swear by the casually-chic element of the bottoms that makes it a totally heart-stealer all the way! Add to that the cute drawstrings at the waist – a winning combo!

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May 20th, 2015

What’s your Pick?

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Mixed-media Leather Moto Jacket

Mixed-media Leather Moto Jacket

One can never have too many of those; no matter how many you have, you’re always left wanting for more. We’re talking about jackets! They are cute, charming and put the chic back on to your dress code. What’s not to love about them? Browse through the mammoth collection of jackets at Banana Republic and take your pick!

Leather Bomber:

Sexy, adventurous and really a mark off the rest, a leather jacket is a must-have in every woman’s closet. You can literally team them with any outfit and still look like a million bucks! Is there any reason why you shouldn’t get them now?

Swing Trench Coat:

Now that we’re done away with the winter, you have to bid goodbye to long coats, but not the trench; well, at least not the shorter version of them anyway! Women have always had a tendency to lean towards anything that comes with a belt and a trendy trench should be no exception! Wear them with short cropped tops or party dresses with sexy cutouts that you don’t want to be spotted in outside the club.

Military Jacket:

Who doesn’t love a bit of adventure in the weekends; but to keep the regular days going for you, why not keep a reminder of that adventure in the form of military jackets? You can even empty out all the fun pockets and reduce them to bare essentials, still you cannot deny that a military jacket simply puts a certain oomph factor to your dress code.

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May 20th, 2015

Summer Dresses from BR!

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BR Monogram White Ruffle Dress

BR Monogram White Ruffle Dress

As the warm season sets in, it’s time to give your legs some rest from the confines of your pants. Really ladies, just put your pants aside and throw some fun back into your closet with some crazy but beautiful summer dresses. If you’re looking for options, Banana Republic is the place to go; with a mammoth collection of dresses at incredible prices, there’s nothing that can make you day more pleasant. We’ve sourced out a couple of our favorites for you choose from! Take a look…

BR Monogram Silver Jersey Trapeze Dress:

Who doesn’t love some bling and glamor for the summer? As the sun goes down and it’s time to get your party shoes on, there’s no better way to do it than with the silver monogram dress from BR. It features a trapeze hem, which is basically a fit-and-flare minus the fit part; it means, the dress is designed as a free-flowing beauty with a cinched bodice and a loose fit from the bodice down below. And, like any good patio dress, this number also reaches up to your mid-calves and lets you display your toned legs and party shoes!

BR Monogram White Ruffle Dress:

While talking about parties and fun, can ruffles and pleats be far behind? Here is a beautiful pristine white ruffle dress that features gorgeous ruffles, pretty much everywhere. It has a nice v-neckline marked by ruffles and flutter sleeves, again accented by ruffles. The dress has an uneven hemline accessorized with ruffles and a cute belt that brings out an earthy charm for this angelic white dress.

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May 19th, 2015

Fashion from Sex and the City!

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Zigzag Pleated Dress

Zigzag Pleated Dress

The HBO series might have just been another long-time running series on TV, but for most women, it’s sort of a look book of fashion, food, music, life and love. The four leading ladies of the show, although sporting different personalities and looks, had one thing in common: remarkable fashion. Even in the series, we had numerous scenes where one or more of the leading stars were gawked upon by onlookers for their spectacular outfits and fashion! So what was it that made this series such a huge hit among the masses? Let’s a take a look…

Sarah Jessica Parker, who played Carrie Bradshaw in the series, always opted for chic but off-beat styles. Sure she’d be wearing a pricey designer dress, but she would accessorize it with layers of funky neck pieces that would include anything from classic pearls to large pendant and studded statement earrings – a standout combination indeed!

Moving on to Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha in the series, was popular for her bold and daring outfit choices. She is the probably the only character on any prime-time series to sport a back-less, thigh-high side-slit gown in Abu Dhabi; but then again, we all simply adore her sexy-to-the-point-of-being-raunchy style – only a few can pull it off with this much grace!

Kristin Davis who played Charlotte in the series had the kind of wardrobe that only a princess could dream of. Her outfits comprised of smart, cute and beautiful dresses, sheaths and ruffled gowns that left us all wanting for more.

And, finally Cynthia Nixon who played Miranda, was the very definition of a perfect professional dresser. The star perfected the whole corporate look with pin-stripe suits, pencil skirts and blazers. Any time you want some fashion advice for work, Cynthia is the gal you need to go to!

Take some cues from these leading ladies and shop for clothes that suit your style. Shop at BR now and you can save a whopping 40% off select styles with Banana Republic online coupons. Just key in the Banana Republic coupon code BRSUMMER at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer is valid only until May 18, 2015. Shop now!

May 15th, 2015

Pretty in Pastels!

Heritage Strappy Patio Dress

Heritage Strappy Patio Dress

Whether you’re decorating your home, looking to buy lawn furniture or painting your kids’ rooms, pastel shades are the most preferred color options. It’s not just about following traditions, painting or decorating your home in pastel shades has a number of benefits; pastel shades are generally calming and send off a cool vibe that relax your mind and make you feel comfortable. Pastel shades also evoke a feminine grace and tend to magnify spaces and improve creativity. So, why not adopt this trend in your clothes too?

If you’re still pondering over that question then we have a few points to pique your interest on the subject.

  • You see, pastel shades are soothing and calming but they also do not hurt the eyes of the onlooker unlike bright shades like red, orange and hot pinks.
  • Pastels create a fabulous color play and are perfect for work. You can simply pair them with your regular work wear and you won’t be breaking any dress codes either!
  • Also, if you’re a little shy to try out prints, you can opt for prints in pastel shades. They are so pretty and offer a barely-there look that will make you feel like you’re not wearing prints at all!
  • Pastel shades are gorgeous and they attract attention easily, subtly and softly. They are not loud and do not scream for attention.
  • And finally, this one pointer might just sell you on pastel shades: They offer a shimmering sophistication that cannot be mimicked by the other colors. Slip into a pastel dress, step out of your home and get ready to feel like royalty!

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May 13th, 2015

Sexy and Sizzling: Charlize Theron!

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Rugby Stripe Lace Pencil Skirt

Rugby Stripe Lace Pencil Skirt

South-African beauty and Monster star Charlize Theron is perfectionist! Every time she puts her foot on the red carpets, it automatically becomes a fashion parade. The star who was spotted on May 7, 2015, at a promotional event for her latest flick Mad Max, was a far cry from her rugged and adventure gun-slinging on-screen persona.

The sexy star looked absolutely sophisticated and super stylish dressed in a knee-length mesh column dress from Dior that featured two tones – black and white. The upper half of the drop-waist strapless dress was all white while the lower half, the skirt portion, was all-black. A simple black and white combo, eh? But that was not all, the 39-year old actress also had on a pair of black strappy high heels from Dior and a set of matching bracelets on both hands from Harry Winston. Apart from these, her accessories comprised of a pretty black box clutch that complemented the whole black and white theme of her dress. The Oscar-winner perfected her sophisticated look with a sexy long bob cut, subtle pink lips and barely-there make-up.

Impressed with Charlize’s style? Here’s how you can recreate that look for less! Just get the Rugby Stripe Lace Shell and the matching Rugby Stripe Lace Pencil Skirt combo from BR and style them together; you can also get a pair of strappy high heels like Charlize and complete your look with a box clutch in black.

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May 8th, 2015

The Met Gala 2015!

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Heritage Poplin Ruffle Dress

Heritage Poplin Ruffle Dress

It would be actually wrong to state this event as one of the most important red carpet events of the year; the Met Gala has risen in popularity and fandom over the years that it would be right only to mention that this is THE event of the year! And, the 2015 Met Gala was a grand ball of surprise and style, thanks to the many celebrities, models, designers and of course, the staggering host, Ms. Anna Wintour.

On Monday night, May 4, 2015, as the sun nestled back into the sea, the stars came out of their hiding and put on their glittering best to walk the 150-yard red carpet at the Met Gala. Also known as the costume gala, this event is held annually to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art situated in northern Manhattan.

What was once known simply as a fundraiser has now risen to fame as the grand ball where the tickets are sold at the rate of a few paychecks and costumes worn by the celebrities are nothing short of an art themselves. How this change happened is not only a lesson in history but also a testament to one woman’s quest for the unattainable – immortality in fashion! Ms. Anna Wintour, under her reign, the Met Gala has collected over $145 million for the costume institute so far and still promises to be the most sought after event in the history or red carpets.

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May 5th, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence Rocks a Two-toned Dress at the Met Gala!

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Sloan-fit Colorblock Cut-out Sheath

Sloan-fit Colorblock Cut-out Sheath

The young starlet certainly knows her way around the red carpet and definitely knows her way about the stairs. Famous for making stunning entrances that keep the tabloids busy for the next few days raving about her red carpet antics, the Hunger Games star, is certainly a pro when it comes to fashion. As seen on the red carpets of this year’s Met Gala, on May 4, 2015, the pretty lady simply rocked! Take a look…

Jennifer Lawrence wore a Dior Couture gown that featured a two-tone design – the bottom of the dress featured a plain pencil-fit silhouette stretching all the way from her waist to the floor, while her top, which seemed like a crop top actually, featured pretty floral prints that were certainly something to yearn for. The pretty lady complemented her outfit with a stunning floral-inspired neckpiece from Cartier that somehow did not clash with the floral prints on her top. But her overall look would have gone plain and understated except for the dual tone of her dress that gave off a classic-with-a-pinch-of-modern vibe. The Oscar winner pulled her hair into a tight bun and focused all the attention on her face with dramatic eyes and glossy pink lipstick. She also kept her accessories simple, a nice bracelet featuring links and a set of stack rings from Cartier. The stunner completed her look with a pair of black shoes from Roger Vivier that was in tune with the minimalist theme of her dress.

So, if you’ve decided to go pro with your style like J’Law, do it with class with a two-tone dress. Decide on a focal point and use the rest of your attire to complement your look, like Jennifer. Shop for red-carpet worthy dresses, accessories and more from Banana Republic and enjoy a fabulous 40% discount on sale styles with Banana Republic online coupons. All you have to do is, key in the Banana Republic coupon code BREXTRA at checkout to claim this offer. Hurry, this offer is valid only until May 7, 2015. Shop now!

May 5th, 2015