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Basics for Fall!

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Sloan-fit Khaki Slim Ankle Pants

Sloan-fit Khaki Slim Ankle Pants

Trends come and go but basics (or layering pieces) are the ones that stay forever! That perfectly worn-out white tee, those vintage denims you bough while you were in college and those pretty nudes that you’ve had forever; these wardrobe staples are the building blocks with which you can create umpteen number of looks and styles! The beauty of investing in basics is that they help you utilize the other pieces in your closet more effectively!

Seasonal trends are great for a while but once you’re done with the season, there is only a limited time frame that you can recycle and reuse those pieces; unlike staples that will never go out of style or lose their street style chic appeal! For those that are apprehensive about hoarding your closet with seasonal pieces (for some, it can really become a circus of sorts), the big pieces of the puzzle that you seem to missing is staples! Just like a great construction plan needs a solid foundation, your closet needs the support of basics! They are like bread and butter of your looks; they are the foundation pieces! And, once you have a strong foundation in line, you can build pretty much anything!

Build a strong foundation of basics in your closet with shirts, tailored work pants in solid colors, tee shirts, sweaters and more!

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September 2nd, 2015

The Best Looks from the 2015 MTV VMAs

Tiered Crepe Dress

Tiered Crepe Dress

From Nicki Minaj to Selena Gomez, everyone who showed up for the MTV VMAs in LA, on August 30, 2015, had something to contribute to the fashion world! Here are the snippets…

The Blank Space hitmaker Taylor Swift proved that she’s a one stop solution for all things in ‘girly fashion’ when she hit the high notes in a sequined houndstooth-print crop top and matching sportswear-inspired pants combo Ashish. That her outfit was a basic black marked only by sequins gave it a feminine touch while her gold-tipped cross-strapped Christian Louboutins lent that seamless finish.

Not to be outdone by the competition, singer Nicki Minaj was the golden girl in a gold sequined, embroidered and partially sheer floor-sweeping number from Labourjoisie. With a plunging neckline that reached all the way down to her bellybutton, Nicki put on quite a sexy show thanks to her expertise in styling!

Model of the moment Gigi Hadid is still not over her love for summer colors! She showed up in an Emilia Wickstead sunshine-yellow number; even had on gold high-heel strappy sandals to emphasize the bright color and went with an Egyptian-style sun tan and blowout!

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September 1st, 2015

Of Necklines and Necklaces!

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Triangle Layered Necklace

Triangle Layered Necklace

You have a whole bunch of accessories and you have a whole lot of beautiful dresses, but you’re just not sure how to pair them? Well, let’s discuss some common necklines and the type of the necklaces that will suit them! Take a look…

For an outfit with a crew neckline, like the one commonly found on tee shirts, a lariat necklace is the best choice. Featuring a long rope-like line made from fabric, pearls or metal, the lariat usually has a loop or tassels at the end!

The next and the most commonly found neckline is the round; you can style it with a round necklace that has a lot of bead work, embellishments etc. A simple gold necklace or chain sans any pendant will also do the trick for you!

If you’re wearing a boat-neck, you can jazz it up with art deco inspired pieces with a large pendant. You can infuse the funk element into your outfit by opting for necklaces with beaded pendants, geometrical designs or floral motifs. You can also wear long necklines that can draw attention away from your broad shoulders and create symmetry in your look!

Chunky or multi-layered chains and necklaces will look spectacular with strapless dresses; they will expertly hide your collar bone and also give a dramatic touch to your outfit! Multi-layered chokers and pendants will a lot of layers or volume will also work with a strapless neckline!

For regular work-wear shirts and blouses, heavily beaded or embellished tribal necklaces, pearls and slim pendant necklaces that can worn around the collar of the shirt will be great!

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August 30th, 2015

It’s Time to Shop at BR!

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Drapey Vest

Drapey Vest

You know how it always gets a bit dull around now! Come to think of it, you can shift the blame to the constantly moody weather! But once you’re done with the droopy mood, you got to step up your style game and play it up! And, what better time to do it than now, with BR offering an extra 50% off women’s sale styles? Hurry, shop now! But, before you get out your cards and get swiping, here are few hits that need to find a place in your shopping cart!

Drapey Vest! Yes, the jackets and the long coats are the ones that feature a prominent place in your shopping list, but come on, there’s in-between period between winter and fall; when it’s not so cold when you head out in the mornings but chilly-enough to make you wish you’d packed a parka once you leave work! Well, here’s your saving grace – the drapey vest! Wear it with shirts, sleeveless dresses and even tee shirts and you’d still get that star-kissed look! A vest is a great way to beat the chill and if your top-wear is a bit off the fit, you could use it to lend some shape to your figure!

Leather pieces! Now, what transitional season is complete without a couple of leather outfits? May be a nice fitting pencil skirt or short cropped leather moto jacket (if you don’t already have one) and even a leather paneled patio dress in somber black that can up your status to the stars!

And, while you’re out there, you can also grab a few wool-based work pants and a couple of normal blazers! Somber colors like black, navy and gray were the toppers at the ramps this year and will continue to rule the corporate scene this year too! Bank on this fact and shop for a few pairs at BR now!

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August 25th, 2015

Fringe is In!

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Fringe Tank

Fringe Tank

Currently fringe is about as popular a topic in the fashion world as fall is in the real world; so, if you aren’t already hung up on the trend, here is a great chance for you to grab a beautiful fringe outfit for less! But before you start shopping, here are a couple of fringe styles from the stars! Take a look…

Fun Size actress Victoria Justice rocked the TCA’s red carpet dressed in a Herve Leger green fringed dress. Short with strategic panels at the sides and the front, the dress had us sold on the idea of fringe! The 22-year old actress finished off her red-carpet-ready look with a pair of strappy Jimmy Choo shoes and jewelry from Graziela Gems.

At the moment, the fashion crowd, headed by Kourtney Kardashian, is going crazy with fringe. The reality star was spotted on a number of occasions sporting a fringe leather purse from Saint Laurent. Whether she’s sporting ripped denims with a white tank top or playing a professional with flared pants and a bodysuit, Kourtney’s trusted accessory was her Saint Laurent fringe leather bag.

Model-turned-actress Emily Ratajkowski was spotted at the French premiere of her movie We Are Your Friends dressed in a beaded and fringed Balmain electric green number that was equal parts seductive and sensational. Topped off with a broad red belt and Zanotti black sandals, the actress made a statement in fringe!

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August 17th, 2015

Top it Off Fashionably!

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BR Monogram Foil Top

BR Monogram Foil Top

Whether you have a lot of money and can afford a pricey closet or you want to get the most out of your wardrobe, we recommend that you secure a whole bunch of tops in your collection. These cute and beautiful tops let you manipulate the other pieces in your wardrobe and lets you get more life out of your clothes!

There are basically 3 varieties that you need in your collection and they can be summed up as,

  1. Formal work tops: Since you’re going to spend the major part of your day, or let’s say week, in the office, it only makes sense that you have a nice and sensible collection of work tops! Work-wear shirts, button-down solid shirts, dressier tops for those special meetings and office parties, solid turtle neck tops, full-sleeve solid colored tee shirts, a few printed blouses to go with your pencil skirts and some graphic tee shirts that are corporate-dress-code-friendly should get you started!
  2. Casual tops: Not that there would be a dearth for casual tops in your top drawers but you need to constantly replenish your collection as per the season. A set of solid cotton tops for layering and a few more with minimal details for topping off jeans and shorts and some graphic printed ones that when accessorized right can give you any look.
  3. Party wear tops: Also known as club wear, these tops should traverse the elusive sexy-but-cute border; get a few tops that highlight your best features like a low-cut blouse or a cut-out back tee shirt and even some bustier tops to save the day!

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August 13th, 2015

How to Wear Crop Tops

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Multi-striped Cropped Pullover

Multi-striped Cropped Pullover

Crop tops have been back in fashion all through summer and as for fall, it looks like the trend is here to stay. The smaller, let’s us say, ‘cropped’ version of regular tops is all it takes to put a seasoned fashionista off the tracks, ‘cos these crop tops are perceived as difficult to pull off. But the reverse is actually quite true – crop tops are extremely versatile and they can look good on anyone! Before you write off crop tops as something for the just-out-of-college girls, here are a few ways to wear crop tops, ways that are really mature and sophisticated! No matter what your personal style is, there is always a way to wear a crop top and rock it too! Read on…

Just because a crop top is short, doesn’t mean you have to expose your tummy or belly button; simply don your crop top with a high-waisted skirt or a pair of high-waisted pants to get maximum coverage and some cool style points! You could also use pants or skirts that have a broad waist band or use a wide belt to minimize the cropped effect!

A collared crop blouse with a button-front can make the crop top seem more business-friendly; add a pair of high-waisted professional tailored pants and you can nail the corporate look down to a T.

Go with a turtle-neck full-sleeve crop top; there’s something subtly sexy about showing off a bit of your midriff but keeping the other areas like neck and arms covered! You could fully tap into the idea with a cute sweater-style crop top!

You could even wear your crop top as a layering piece with a lace-accented gown and get the best of the 90’s look without even making an effort!

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August 12th, 2015

Nicole Scherzinger Kills it in Monochrome!

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Print Ruffle Dress

Print Ruffle Dress

Monochrome looks are a personal favorite of celebrities and minimalists alike; it takes very little time to put together and accessorizing the look is super-easy! You don’t have to stock your closet with umpteen number of shoes or necklaces when all you want is a monochrome look; just a few simple things would go a great way in making the monochrome look work for you! And, now that we’re wrapping up with summer colors, the monochrome look will be a great way to embrace the sobriety that comes with fall and the subsequent winter fashions!

Ever the fashionista, singer and dancer Nicole Scherzinger was spotted at the Special Olympics Celebrity Dance Challenge on Friday, July 31, 2015, at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, California; sporting a chic monochrome look, the star kick started the monochrome trend for the season in style! She wore a geometrically patterned black and white mini featuring a high-low hem; the deep neckline accented with key-hole cut-outs at the front made a fierce impact on the star’s weekend style! The dress clung to her curves and had little need for accessories; nevertheless, the singer chose a pair of killer black pumps, bright red lips, a few bangles and rings to jazz up her casual style!

Here’s how you can get the look: Shop for a similar patterned mini and style it with black pumps; if you need it look formal, just don it with a black or white blazer! Depending upon the color choice of your jacket, your look can go from killer sexy to somber professional! Shop at BR now and save a good 25% on your purchase with Banana Republic online coupons; just enter the Banana Republic coupon code BRSAVE at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer expires by August 11, 2015.

August 6th, 2015

Timeless Wardrobe Staple: The Little Black Dress!

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Black Lightweight Wool Vee Sheath

Black Lightweight Wool Vee Sheath

There are a number of wardrobe staples in a woman’s closet; but the little black dress is one item a woman would never get rid of. The LBD might be an ultimate outfit choice for most women of today, but its journey wasn’t always so sweet! During earlier times, black was reserved as a color for mourning; it marked sorrow, grieving and sobriety! But all that changed with the arrival of Coco Chanel in the 1920’s.

Late in 1926, Coco Chanel designed a little black dress for the cover girl of Vogue and it was touted as sensational hit by the magazine; they went so far as to call it ‘Chanel’s Ford’ due to its affordability, much like the car Ford T! Soon, women all over the country went crazy over the little black dress and it became a colossal hit!

The little black dress even managed to survive the Great Depression and World War II owing its simplicity and low maintenance, as it did not take much effort to look put together in a simple LBD! Not long after, in the 1950’s, the LBD took a hit, no thanks to the conservative thoughts of the generation who believed that black was a color of seduction and that it was not proper for women of class to don it! But that era was soon followed by the ‘rock and roll period’ where women wanted to look rebellious and took to wearing shorter versions of the LBD – the minis!

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August 5th, 2015

What to Wear to a Garden Party!

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Heritage Mixed-print Dress

Heritage Mixed-print Dress

It’s easy to dress for a regular indoor party but when it comes to an outdoor or theme party, you need to extra careful while picking out your outfit! This is the time of the year when a lot of people host garden parties, either as celebratory party, post a serious event or a rehearsal party the night before weddings and such. Whatever be the reason, now is the time for garden parties!

Generally, garden parties are meant to be intimate and low-key affairs with just the closest family members and circle of friends. They are supposed to be pretty and romantic. So, you need to look the part! Floral dresses will naturally gel with the scenario of garden parties will make the perfect option for you. With a simple floral frock, you can keep the theme feminine, flirty and in tune with the vibe of the whole scenario. Opt for soft colors or pastel shades, provided they fall within your regular color palette; otherwise, you can opt for neutrals like black and white, which would look equally great! But if you really love the floral bloom, have a blast with a multitude of colors and mute them down with just the basic accessories in neutral colors.

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July 30th, 2015