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Gifts for the Hostess!

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Fleur Drop Earrings

Fleur Drop Earrings

So, you already have a ton of invitations to Christmas parties, pre-Christmas and post-Christmas parties, and you plan to attend almost all of them (It’s really a miracle how the dates didn’t clash)! What are you planning to gift the hostess? It’s okay to walk in with a bottle of wine or perfume for the lady of the house, but if you’re really a close friend of the hostess, or if she happens to be your favorite aunt on your dad’s side who’s always showered you with the best gifts when you were a child, impersonal gifts like wine and perfume might not do it! You really need to make it count with something special, something extra! Here’s a gift guide that might be perfect for you…

If your aunt is a world traveler who’s had her days of fun, the best gift for her would be a pair of leather biker gloves along with an invitation to join you as you go smoking through the town on your bike!

In case your aunt happens to be homebody who takes her role very seriously, a set of kitchen gloves, baking supplies and the like might be nice! Or, you could give her some fine Italian cashmere sweaters or scarves as a hostess gift – she would know it’s from you and she would certainly appreciate the thought you put into to it! For the more fashion conscious aunt, a set of jem-encrusted earrings or brooch will make a sensible gift!

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November 29th, 2015

Gifts for Him!

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Boiled Wool Stripe Scarf

Boiled Wool Stripe Scarf

Wondering what to give the man in your life this Christmas? Allow us to walk you through the many options available. Pick any (or all of them) and make the special ones in your life happy…

Before you even begin to discuss gift options for the men in your life, like your dad, brother, cousins or uncles, let us tell you that regardless of age, men love tech gifts, toys and gizmos! Yup, they do! So, if you’re planning on getting that monopoly game set or a little star wars iconic gift set, now is the right time! If the guy is really into it, an adult version of the kids’ Lego set will also be a fun gift option!

And, if you want to gift the gentleman something fashionable, how about a nice knit turtleneck cashmere sweater, a plaid scarf or an infinity scarf? You could also improvise your gifting options with a nice parka or a long coat! And, for the truly stylish gentleman like your father, a beautiful fedora hat that he can wear every time he takes your mom out for dancing will be a nice and adorable gift!

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Happy shopping!

November 28th, 2015

Gifts for Her!

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Italian Cashmere-blend Sweater Pullover

Italian Cashmere-blend Sweater Pullover

The holiday season is upon us and instead of wracking your heads trying to find the perfect gift for her, use our holiday gift guide to find the perfect gifts for the special lady in your life!

Women, regardless of their age, love nice things in life, nice clothes, cozy sweaters, perfume, jewelry, shoes and accessories. So, you can get started right there! Pick a nice trendy long coat and give the special lady in your life the cozy comfort of warmth during cold days; and every time she wraps the coat around her tightly, she’s bound to think of you!

You could also go in for metallic sneakers that are currently trending right now! They are hugely popular with the divas in the fashion industry and work well with any closet or lifestyle!

Accessories like purses, handbags, clutch, jewelry, scarves and shoes will make exceptional and thoughtful gift options! Choosing accessories requires some level of understanding the person and when you put some thought into picking the right one for her, she’s bound to appreciate your efforts!

Cosmetics, make-up and other special gifts like a bottle of expensive perfume might also be a great gift for the special lady in life! And, when all else seems a bit too far, try buying lingerie! A bit of lace and a hint of satin never failed anybody and you too can take the tried and tested route to gifting for her!

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November 26th, 2015

The Solid Hues!

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Fringe-hem Dress

Fringe-hem Dress

It’s winter now; which means it’s time to bring out winter’s best friends: solid hues! The stars of Hollywood have already started the season with solid colors and so should you! Here’s a recap of everything solid and hot from the celeb world…

Former Friends star Jennifer Anniston and her pal, Courtney Cox rocked solid hues during The Barneys New York XO Jennifer Meyer Exclusive RTW collection. Jennifer looked stunning in a solid black silk faux-wrap cowl neck outfit teamed it with a pair of black and silver strappy Stuart Weitzman sandals while her friend dressed up in a navy v-neck sweater dress layered with a black oversized cardigan coat and a pair black calf-length black suede boots.

Pregnant reality star Kim Kardashian looked radiant in a black sweater dress layered with an oversized military-inspired coat with gold buttons! Subtle natural make-up and a pair of oversized square sunglasses was that all she needed to make her look stand out!

Anaconda singer Nicki Minaj opted for a form-fitting full-sleeve black mini with gold fringe details at the neck and waist, during the A+E Networks ‘Shining a Light’ concert at The Shrine Auditorium in LA. The rapped opted for knee-high gladiator-style lace-up boots to make her fashion statement during the concert!

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November 20th, 2015

Hot Hues!

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Metallic Tweed Sheath

Metallic Tweed Sheath

Okay! So, while we’re talking about solid colors and hotness, what is the first outfit that strikes you? Needless to say, the little black dress, the little red dress and all possible gold-toned options come into play! But, no that doesn’t always have to be the case; sometimes you can look hot, smoking hot, in just basic shades! Does that sound unbelievable? Yeah, well, just keep reading this write-up and towards the end, you might just change your mind!

Stunner Halle Berry and Olivia Wilde were spotted at the Revlon Love Is On Million Dollar Challenge in New York clad in off-beat hues looking smoking hot in their ensemble! Here are the details…

Extinct star Halle Berry opted for a gunmetal-green to olive-y green jersey dress with layered panels and a drapey silhouette – the outfit clung to her curves like a glove and showcased her slender figure! The star expertly paired this outfit with a set of snake-print pumps, oversized silver hoop earrings and a high top ponytail! The unpredictable color of her outfit along with the figure-embracing fit added to the hotness factor while her expert styling and accessorizing put her smack in the middle of the style game!

Not to be outdone by her friend, Olivia Wilde opted for an asymmetrical hem white midi from A.W.A.K.E. and a pair of strappy Stuart Weitzman heels in white! The Tron Legacy actress opted for a slick side-swept hair-do and took to the ‘no jewelry’ rule to keep her look understated, but Olivia couldn’t help swipe a dose of bright red lipstick on to her lips! Overall, a winning red-carpet-worthy look!

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November 20th, 2015

How to Get the Best Out of your Accessories

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Slider Necklace

Slider Necklace

It cannot be stressed enough that accessories are a great way to make simpler and utterly down-to-earth outfits look extremely posh and sophisticated. They are a symbolic representation of your personality; they help show off your status quo in this society; and, accessories establish your wealth.

Accessories help build your look and also help draw attention towards or away from the focal point of your outfit – depending on how you choose it to be! And, you know what else is great about accessories? They are great conversation starters! Wear a pair of beaded earrings or a hand-woven bracelet, and you might just be surprised as a complete stranger walks up to you and complements you on your accessory and asks you how you acquired it!

Wearing a cute or charming accessory is a great way to start a conversation, or to thaw an icy conversation and bring it back from the brink of extinction!

Accessories are a great way to show your love for art, culture and history!

Accessories are great to garner attention; in a good way, that is!

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November 17th, 2015

Hot off the Ramp!

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XO Cocoon Coat

XO Cocoon Coat

You know what’s the best source of all your fashion needs, inspiration, style tips and ideas? The ramps, of course! And, that’s only next to the ocean of fashion ideas that can be sourced from the red carpets! And, with the festive season fast approaching, now might be good time to discuss some trends straight from the ramps! And, what could give you better start than the runways of Balmain!

One of the trends that we noted from the Balmain ramp shows is the return of classic and timeless styles! Flared pants, double denim and other 70’s trends that have enjoyed a strong liking in the past seemed to make a comeback! Although, the trend of repeating classic might seem old-school, the trick is for you to style them expertly!

Another trend popular during the Balmain show was the extensive but interesting use of faux-fur, fringe, sequins and other embellishments! It seemed as if the designers were more than curious to infuse some element of interest into otherwise boring or morose winter fabrics!

And, you know what else was interesting? Balmain’s choicy use of summer-wear in winter! You might find this hard to believe, but one of the looks featured a one-piece swim top; an actual swim top! Of course, it was teamed with a set of flared denims and layered with a beautiful yet mysterious blazer with hints of green and black fur trim!

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November 12th, 2015

How to Accessorize for Winter!

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Sparkle Cabochon Pin

Sparkle Cabochon Pin

It’s almost winter and it’s only a matter of time before you give up the urge to accessorize (or, even worry about fashion for that matter) and bundle up to brace yourselves from the cold! But before you get started, here are a few ways to accessorize that might add that spark of fire to your winter outfits!

  1. A common type of sweater that everyone opts for during winter is turtlenecks! They look great with layered pendants and multiple necklaces but the best accessory for your solid turtleneck is a bright stone-studded bib necklace! Wear a bib necklace with simple studs so as to not attract any attention away from the necklace! This look will be nice for work or party, and will also fill in nicely when you want something for a casual day out!
  2. Layered looks are very popular and in-demand these days! Whether you’re talking about layering your clothing or your accessories, it would still be a winning combination! A set of stacked bracelets or a series of chain-pendants will be nice option to touch up on your accessorizing roots this winter!
  3. And, when it’s absolutely cold and you cannot even think about accessorizing, take up the simple task of pinning a brooch or pin to your long coat and sport your new winter look!

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November 10th, 2015

Style Files: Jamie Chung!

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Slim-Fit Gray Gingham Military Shirt

Slim-Fit Gray Gingham Military Shirt

If you’re looking for some super-cool fashion tips to get you by tough days, consider Jamie Chung and her impeccable styling sense as your ultimate source! The star who recently tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend and fellow actor Bryan Greenberg during the weekend in Santa Barbara, California, has a sense of style that is quite remarkable. For starters, she can pull off a really great cat-eye! So, here are some tips from the star herself…

  1. A brilliant way to add a pop of color to a somber monotone outfit is with accessories. While shoes are a way to begin with, a clutch, jacket, belt and even a set of simple studs can make a huge difference in your overall appearance!
  2. Talking of adding interesting elements to your monotone outfit, a simple but marled sweater-type moto jacket is also a stunning option!
  3. Bright colors and animal prints are a sophisticated combination! If ever you feel a striking dress is too loud or too bright for your taste, add a pair of leopard print pumps and you’ve got a style that’s not only daring and bold but also classic!
  4.  Bohemian looks are a great favorite of the former MTV reality star! Often known to dab into her love for all things boho, the star introduces subtle boho elements even into utterly formal ensembles!
  5. When it comes to prints, the star resorts to the classics! Like the leopard print, black and white windowpane prints, paisley prints and the like! These prints never go out of style and they are super easy to style for both formal and casual settings!

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November 3rd, 2015

Style Tips from the Queen!

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Heritage Lace Fit-and-flare Skirt

Heritage Lace Fit-and-flare Skirt

Her majesty, the Queen of Spain, Queen Letizia was recently spotted during an official visit clad in a sleek lambskin leather burgundy dress from Hugo Boss and matching metallic pumps that were so fashionable, it had us wondering why we haven’t done a style analysis about her yet! So, for all those wondering the same thing about the totally fashionable royalty, here is a breakdown of her fashion choices and style tips that you can use for a rainy day!

  1. Metallic pumps! It’s no longer fashionable to go with just shiny pumps or sleek suede ones; whenever you have a great dress on, there is nothing better than a pair of killer metallic pumps to take your look to the moon and back! Make sure they match – that’s the catch!
  2. Never underestimate the power of a good fold-over clutch! They offer a lot of storage space as compared to your regular clutch and also show that you’re fashionable-enough to pull them off!
  3. When you find your signature color, be sure to shop for everything in the shade! A pair of work pants, a few shirts, killer pumps, accessories, jewelry and of course, a sensational dress!
  4. Wearing a form-masking dress? Wrap a long coat over your shoulders to create that high-street fashion model look and no one will look beyond your stylish coat!
  5. It is possible to pull off a great look in a simple tee shirt, provided you pair it with beautifully tailored pieces such as a textured wool blazer and work pants!

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Enjoy shopping with Banana Republic online coupons!

November 2nd, 2015