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The Black Brigade!

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Pintuck Ponte Fit-and-flare Dress

Pintuck Ponte Fit-and-flare Dress

It was a girl’s night out at the Parker’s Spring launch party at ‘The A-List’ in Beverly Hills, CA, on Tuesday for Step Up star Jenna Dewan, Twilight beauty Nikki Reed and the Fast and Furious actress Jordana Brewster. The trio was spotted having a good time at the party dressed in identical all-black ensembles and proved that black is the way to go, no matter what the event or the occasion is.

Witches of the East End star, Jenna Dewan was dressed in a stunning black and silver maxi with black detailing at the waist and neckline. She paired her Parker ‘Dory’ stripe knit maxi dress with silver jewelry and black pumps. Letting her hair down and opting for minimal make-up with smoky eyes, she really pulled off the look with much élan.

The 34-year old Fast and Furious star, Jordana kept things subtle and sexy dressed in a strapless black dress from Parker. She accessorized her simple outfit with a gold pendant chain and nude strappy sandals.

But it was Nikki Reed who kept things interesting dressed in a black and white saber-tooth print skirt and black crop top. She layered it up with an Allsaints blazer in black and carried a S McKellar black handbag.

Ladies, take some cues from these gorgeous stars and dress up in a nice black dress for your special day! Shop for a little black dress from Banana Republic right away and enjoy an extra 40% discount on sales styles. Hurry, this offer is valid only till September 21, 2014.

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September 19th, 2014

Celebrate Style with Banana Republic!

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BR Monogram Belted Patio Dress

BR Monogram Belted Patio Dress

Banana Republic brings you a special reason to celebrate style. Shop between September 16 and 17, 2014 and get an incredible 50% discount on all sale styles. Now, that’s an offer you can’t afford to miss. Here’s why……

  1. Sale styles include some of the most amazing dresses that were earlier marked as ‘BR Picks’ and ‘BR Monograms’. These styles are not usually included during regular sales or coupon discounts. And, if you’re a regular shopper, you know that Banana Republic marks only some of the most exclusive pieces as BR Picks and now is your chance to bag these items for less with Banana Republic online coupons!
  2. The amazing outfit pieces and dresses are simply stunning. Take for example, the BR Monogram Belted Patio Dress in pink. It’s simply superb and enough to set your hearts singing in symphony just at the very sight of it. It’s flowing silhouette, belted waist and the plunging v-neckline are enough reasons to make you swoon.
  3. Fall is here, now, knocking on your door. Even if you’re not yet ready to let go of summer and move on, check out the collection of sweaters, cardigans and blazers at Banana Republic – they are enough to make you fall in love with this season!

All these could just be great excuses to shop for a whole new closet at Banana Republic. Shop now and enjoy the fabulous 50% discount on sale styles only with BR online coupons. All you got to do is fill up your cart and once you head to checkout, simply key in the Banana Republic coupon code BREXTRA50 to claim this offer. This offer is valid only for two days, September 16 and 17, 2014.

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September 16th, 2014

Beat the ‘Mid-Week’ Crisis!

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Marled Navy Open Cardigan

Marled Navy Open Cardigan

It’s early on a Thursday morning and you hit the snooze on the alarm clock just to catch those extra five minutes of sleep. But when you wake-up, you realize that you just have an hour at the most to show up at work and switch to ‘hurricane Katrina’ mode and get ready for work. But, when you rummage through your closet trying to find a single piece of work-ready outfit that will just save your day, you find that most of the pieces are boring or you’ve simply worn them too many times this month. So, what do you do? What do you do?

The simplest and most convenient solution for this common problem, that experts term as a ‘mid-week crisis’, is to shop for a brand new set of clothes for your closet. Seems scary, though! Doesn’t it? Well, it actually isn’t!

The big secret to an ever-ready work-wear closet is to have that extra ounce of confidence to put together completely out-of-the-world pieces to create the most outrageous pieces. You can easily add an element of interest to any boring old outfit with one single piece of stunning accessory. For example, got a simple and cute little black dress that you’ve worn in every possible combination ever imaginable? Then, it’s time to switch it up with a nice black and white polka dot cardigan to create a super-cute yet simply irresistible look.

If you’re frowning right now, thinking of a polka dot cardigan as too matronly then, how about a patterned pepper and navy cardigan from Banana Republic? It’s simple, sophisticated and is perfect for a quick dress-up day!

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September 11th, 2014

Geo-Print Exclusiveness!

Geo Print Pencil Skirt

Geo Print Pencil Skirt

There’s always a reasonable amount of exclusiveness to everything there is to Banana Republic. But, a few selective styles have  a name of their own and make their presence a bit louder than the others, like the geometric print skirt!

A class apart and clearly an emerging trend this fall, geometric prints made a clear comeback in the Fall/Winter 2014 trends showcased by some of the designers like Carolina Herrera, Peter Pilotto, Fendi and more. Drawing attention to the intricate design, with a combination of bold stripes to classic polka dots and retro Houndstooth prints, geometric prints discreetly constitute to our look.

With the designers going the geometric print way, it’d time you tried it out too.

Just reach out for one at Banana Republic. You can find an awesome geometric print, the pencil skirt style at an incredible price. Shop for this style today, September 10, 2014 and save an awesome 30% off your purchase. Please note that the Banana Republic online coupon code to redeem this offer is exclusive to each customer and may vary from one to other.

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September 10th, 2014

Always “In” – The White Shirt!

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Slim-Fit Linen Cotton Button-Down Shirt

Slim-Fit Linen Cotton Button-Down Shirt

White shirts are just timeless! They are a staple and must-have in any man’s wardrobe. White shirts have so many faces to it, that it can be styled to get so many different looks like a classic, a retro, casual, business. You name the look and this amazing piece of clothing delivers! A white shirt on any man exudes manliness, and here are a few ways you can wear it this season.

White shirts work great all year round. A white shirt worn with a pair of washed blue jeans would be the perfect choice for a casual date and if you’re going to be stepping out in the sun for a day-out, wear it with a pair of shorts. Complete the ensemble with a nice belt and sneakers.

Sport a polished business casual look by pairing it up with nice-fitting chinos, leather shoes and a brown leather belt. Pop some color into the ensemble by going for colored chinos.

Get the perfect Italian look inspired from the Italian model and actor, Mariano Di Vaio by sporting this white shirt with chinos and leather moccasins. Make it even more authentic by accessorizing the look with a leather watch, belt and a scarf around the neck. Wear the shirt with a pair of trousers with suspenders, a beret on the head and a brown leather watch.

Hurry up and get this white button-down cotton shirt at Banana Republic and re-invent your new look with ease. Buy this white shirt at a whopping 40% off between September 7, 2014 and September 8, 2014. Just enter the coupon code BRFALL40 at the checkout to avail this offer!

September 7th, 2014

The “Italian” Job!

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Italian Wool Suit Jacket

Italian Wool Suit Jacket

Italians have always been patrons of the finer aspects of living and style with their taste for arts. That of course translates into a keen sense of fashion which makes them a true embodiment of grace, charisma and elegance through one of their very own concepts of effortless style – “Sprezzatura”. The art of studied carelessness is as defined – “a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it”.

One of fashion’s greater paradoxes is that there is no lack of effort in getting that effortless look. It is not something they were born with. They do put in a lot more than reasonable amount of effort into their look when they go for clothes shopping and even more care when they take them to the tailor to get the necessary alterations. What sets them apart is the graceful thoughtlessness and attitude with which they carry off their entire look that reeks of a casual elegance associated with the finest of gentlemen. A simple tip – take an extra half an hour when buying the clothes, another half an hour at the tailor to make sure that they are the perfect fit and an extra half an hour in the morning to make sure that you dress the part.

Style up the Italian way for a much affordable price. You get to save big on a weekend offer that starts today, September 5, 2014 through September 6, 2014. Get $75, 40$ and 25$ off  your purchase worth $150, $100 and $75 respectively. Once you’re through shopping, enter the valid Banana Republic online coupon code  BRWEEKEND at checkout to redeem the discount. Have a great time shopping with Banana Republic online coupons!

September 5th, 2014

Nailing the Printed Shorts Street-Style!

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Blue Print Tie-Front Short

Blue Print Tie-Front Short

Though it’s time that Fall has made its stance, the hot summer-printed shorts trend still hangs around. With the right style to pair with, for instance a sweater, you could so effortlessly pull off edgy looks in a matter of seconds.

Time to get pretty in hot printed shorts! Go beyond the usual denims and cutoffs, and don on a pair of printed shorts, a trend coveted by the celebs. Popular and high on street-chic style, it is perfect to give your wardrobe a fresh addition. Play up with these cute and flattering flats – street-styling can never get as easy and fun than this… Turn the sidewalk into your own runway, as you flaunt this super-cool and chic street-style!

Give your look a tropical vibe, by teaming up printed shorts with a floral or fruity printed top. For your dainty feet, add on a pair of white strappy sandals and block out the harsh sunrays from hitting your eyes with a pair of mirrored sunglasses. Finish up this look by accessorizing with a metal chain, bracelet and rings.

For a look that is more on the refined side, pair the printed shorts with a classic sailor style striped top and layer it with a modish blazer! Add a pair of wedges to your feet, a leather belt around your waist and a leather handbag for a polished, chic street-style look.

Team these printed shorts with a plain loose tee or boyfriend shirt, roll up the sleeves for a slouchy yet trendy seem. Wear this outfit with a pair of sneakers or flip-flops and a pair of classic aviators for an edgy look.

Rock this popular summer-cum-fall trend with a pair of printed shorts available at Banana Republic. Shop for these shorts now and get an amazing 30% off with a special Banana Republic US online coupon code, BRSAVE. Hurry! This offer is valid only from today, September 3, 2014 through September 4, 2014.. Happy saving with Banana Republic online coupons!

September 3rd, 2014

Stock Up – Exlusive Discount on Pants and Sweaters!

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Heritage Textured Grey Shawl-Collar Cardigan

Heritage Textured Grey Shawl-Collar Cardigan

A rather new way of seeing things on the bright side – the more improved and fashion-savvy men get, a revolution in the field of men’s fashion is just another evidence to fashion reaching out to all levels there is!

Men’s fashion, which might have been once considered a taboo, has gained all the attention needed over the past few decades with increase in fashion hunks starting from Clint Eastwood, George Clooney and Brad Pitt to Johnny Depp, Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake and more. So, no more is fashion restricted only to women, men have their fair share at looking all stylish and sleek!

And as Fall just arrived, you have all the reasons to look forward to looking your best; exclusive fall-worthy styles now at incredibly down-to-earth prices!

Check out some stylish sweaters that are light-weight, soft and perfect for layering, as well as sleek pants with subtle texture at Banana Republic at a whopping 40% discount. Don’t miss out on this offer – you get to avail the discount on full-priced aforementioned styles!

Please note that this offer applies even for women’s sweaters and pants – so, a definite gifting option for your close ones!

Once you’re through shopping, enter the valid Banana Republic online coupon code BRSTOCKUP at checkout to redeem the discount. Have a great time shopping with Banana Republic online coupons! This offer is valid only from today, September 03, 2014 until September 04, 2014.

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September 3rd, 2014

How to Choose a Scarf?

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Amelia Scarf

Amelia Scarf

If you’re a woman, no matter the age, then you’ve probably spent a considerable portion of your time mooning over the one perfect accessory that almost all of the celebs seem to sport these days – the scarf! Simple and perfect, they’re a great choice for covering up your neck and make for a stylish replacement to your neckline. In fact, has gone the extra mile to announce that scarves are the new jewelry, this season. So, are you ready to embrace the scarf trend? But, before you set out on a quest to find the one ideal accessory to go with almost all your outfits, read on to find out how to pick the right one!

The first thing you need to do is figure out if you’re a scarf person! There’s this obligatory feeling that scarves are an essential part of a women’s wardrobe and immaterial of the type and nature, women try to stock up on scarves. But, first you need to find out if scarves suit your lifestyle. If you’re one of those who simply wraps up a scarf around your neck only to take it off when you get to your cubicle, then you just need to have one or two scarves in your closet, at the most. But for the women who simply love to dress up with a scarf, congratulations! Looks like you just found the perfect accessory for fall.

The next thing you need to consider while buying a scarf is your body type. Do you have a long or short neck? If you’re blessed with a long neck then you can pretty much pull off any style with scarves. But if you have a short neck, then pick a lightweight silk or chiffon scarf and  layer them just once or twice around your neck. Too many layers can add bulk and make your neckline look short or frumpy. Instead, you can opt for a collarless blouse or a short top with a wide neckline to style up your scarf.

Now, when it comes to the color and pattern of a scarf, always go with contrasts. Solid or printed, color contrast your outfits with the right scarves to get the perfect stylish appeal this season.

Now that you know how to pick the right scarf, choose from the amazing collection of scarves at Banana Republic and enjoy the extended Labor day discount offer – a fabulous 40% discount on your purchase! This offer is valid only today, September 2, 2014, so hurry before it’s gone! Just feed the Banana Republic coupon code BRLABOR at checkout to claim this offer.

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September 2nd, 2014

Couple’s Retreat! Together Bag a Whopping 20% Off on BR Picks!

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Faux-leather Inset Dress

Faux-leather Inset Dress

For some newlyweds the honeymoon never gets over. That’s just the case with the Maroon 5 crooner Adam Levine and his model wife Behati Prinsloo. Both at the Emmy’s and at the MTV VMA, the couple packed in a whole lot of PDA! But, that’s not all that caught everyone’s attention; the stylish couple pulled-off perfectly coordinated outfits that left the shutterbugs spellbound.

The stunning couple was spotted at the 2014 Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre in LA on Monday, August 25, 2014. Behati wore a stunning black full-length Prada gown with a fitted bodice and a flowing silhouette. She accessorized it with a pair of black diamond studs from Jacob & Co and kept her make-up and hairstyle pretty simple. Her heartthrob singer husband, Adam, looked all dapper and charming in a black tuxedo and shirt from Prada that coordinated well with the supermodel’s outfit.

Earlier during the MTV VMA’s on August 24, 2014, the duo played up to their strength with a similar look – coordinated leather outfits! Behati wore a Chanel dress that comprised of a black ruffled skirt and a fitting leather button-front top. She accessorized this outfit with a black Rauwolf clutch and a pair of black ankle strap sandals. Adam, on the other hand, wore black pants and a purple tee shirt layered with black leather jacket. He finished off his rocker look with a pair of black lace shoes and sunglasses.

You too can color coordinate with your special someone in matching outfits, just like Mr and Mrs Adam. But, make sure you add your twist to the look. You can rather pick a black faux-leather inset dress for youself and get him a matching all-black ensemble. Now that the quilting pattern and texture is so “in” when it comes to men’s styles, be sure to pack in a black quilted puffer vest along!

Once you’re through shopping, avail the exclusive 20% discount on BR Picks by entering the Banana Republic coupon code BRPICKS at checkout. Happy shopping Banana Republic online coupons!

Hurry, this offer is valid only until September 2, 2014.

August 28th, 2014