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How to Infuse Summer Colors into your Wardrobe

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Heritage Sleeveless-pleat Top

Heritage Sleeveless-pleat Top

Gorgeous colors aren’t exactly anything new this season; these bright and colorful shades are a mood-brightening antidote that can saves us from the dark monotones of winter! But the thing with colors is that everyone tells you that summer colors are in, and no one ever tells you how you can infuse these colors into your existing wardrobe in a way that they seamlessly gel with the clothes that are already present in your closet. Simple styling tips like wearing a colorful blouse with a somber gray pencil skirt and carrying a handbag that matches the color of your blouse will make it easy for you to put together outfits in the morning, and also save you big bucks when you don’t have to invest in more clothes to keep up with seasonal trends!

Choose blouses in softer and lighter shades of popular summer colors – this will make them easy to work with and will blend in easily with your year-round staples.

Wear a bright summer dress, match the dress with your shoes, handbag and jewelry, and throw on a black blazer, and walk around town like it’s your business to look good!

Pick a cuter version of a blouse or a top and wear it with regular office or casual pieces; the cuteness factor will overwhelm and mask the loud color – this is one other way to work with bright colors!

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May 23rd, 2016

Dresses That Work

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Ruffle-front Shift Dress

Ruffle-front Shift Dress

If you’re wondering how the ‘IT’ girl squad (Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid) manages to nail it every time with dresses that are both chic and glamorous at the same time, Banana Republic is here to solve your woes. Now you can wear chic, low-key and simple summer dresses to work just like these stars without raising any fashion alarms…

Pintuck Flutter-sleeve Dress: The latest summer addition from Banana Republic features a soft, relaxed silhouette without too much volume at the skirt which makes it perfect for work. Yes, this dress has flutter sleeves, but it’s barely there, and there are cute ruffles at the front and a girly sash at the waist – these elements make the dress perfect for summer, and if you choose one in soft cocoon or gray color, you could wear it work with a basic blazer. It’s definitely something Bella Hadid would wear!

Ruffle-front Shift Dress: This peppy dark-colored number from BR also features a single layer of ruffles running across the body from the shoulder to the waist, and we think it would be perfect for Gigi. She could totally rock it with a set of printed bellies and a black bag!

Sleeveless Tux Dress: We saved the best one for last! This charming and office-appropriate tux dress from BR is perfect for women who want power-dressing to be the only style they sport. A nice option for Kendall, who also prefers a similar style, you could wear this dress with just a pair of black pumps, a matching bag and sunglasses.

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May 10th, 2016

All That Glitters…

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Mandey Ankle-tie Pump

Mandey Ankle-tie Pump

… is silver! At least that’s what the stars from the Met Gala 2016 want us to think! The Costume Institute Gala or the Met Ball, as it’s popularly known, usually has a theme to go with it; and this year, it was Manus X Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology. Keeping up with the futuristic theme of the event, most stars picked outfits in silver; take a look…

Kim Karadahsian, who always stays on top of her fashion game, chose a boxy silver floor-length dress from Balmain featuring a long side-slit to her left that let her show off her lovely thong-strapped silver heels. If you’re not going in for that dress, at least grab a pair of silver heels like Kim!

Not to be left behind, younger sibling Kylie Jenner also wore a boxy Balmain silver dress with sexy cut-outs at the sides, and long vertical silver lines running all over the body of her dress. And, did we mention to-die-for silver strappy heels?

With all these ladies looking so hot and glam, can the men be far behind? At least not when you’re the boyfriend of happening model Gigi Hadid, and a member of a great band! Zayn Malik gave his lady some serious competition clad in a Versace black suit with eye-catchy silver shoulder and arm pads resembling a gladiator’s armor while Gigi rocked a strapless silver bodysuit and a sheer gray cover-up from Tommy Hilfiger!

Oscar winner Brie Larson was all glitter, quite literally, clad in a silver Proenza tiered skirt and cut-out bodice midi dress paired with black shoes!

Lady Gaga went back to her glamorous self wearing a Versace silver bodysuit, matching moto jacket and sky-high silver lace-up boots!

Singer Taylor swift proved to be best dressed of them all clad in a tiered silver short dress with cut-outs at the sides and back; black lipstick, matching black knee-high strappy heels and the best winged-eye make-up ever completed her Met Gala look!

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May 3rd, 2016

3 Must-have Shoes for Spring

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Telly Lace-up Sandals

Telly Lace-up Sandals

There are lots of perks being a woman, one of which is getting to walk around in high heels that just make the men go weak in their knees, figuratively! This season, we’ve rounded up 3 of the best spring shoes you need to have in your arsenal somewhere…

Raine Espadrille Wedges: Ever since Kate Middleton made those £245 Russell and Bromley wedges her wardrobe staples and go-to shoes that she wears with everything from posh Zimmerman dresses to J Brand jeans and tee shirts, corkscrew-base wedges have become super popular in the fashion world. Since you don’t want to look like you stole the style from the royalty, you can amp it up a bit with similar-colored but authentically styled Raine Espadrille Wedges from BR.

Calisa Wrap Kitten Heels: Being able to pull-off heels 4-inch and upwards is a great thing but when you have to actually walk a couple of blocks wearing them, they can really take the fun out of heels! This season, embrace lower-heeled (say about 3 inches) Calisa Wrap Kitten Heels that have slender heels and a rounded-off toe that will make the pair seem taller than they actually are.

Telly Lace-up Sandals:The best season to wear gladiator sandals is spring! Grab the one in pale gold from BR and style them with all your spring/summer staples for some effortless but comfortable style.

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May 1st, 2016

How to Look Fashionable in Just Basics

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Bold Stripe Cutaway Tank

Bold Stripe Cutaway Tank

Let’s face it! Not everyone can afford to have only big brands and key players in their closet. It’s a great fairy tale but reality is something else altogether! So, for the girl who has big dreams but lives real, here’s a little guide on how to look fashionable when you all you have are basics…

Confidence is the key! There is nothing like confidence to make a simple look seem brilliant! You could be wearing a pair of sweatpants and a casual ripped tee shirt, but a hint of confidence goes a long way in sweetening the deal!

Great shoes! They say that, Cinderella is proof that a great pair of shoes can totally change your life! Let’s all just raise a toast to whoever said that and grab the best pair of shoes from the closet and use them up like there’s no tomorrow.

If there’s only one thing that’s next to owning to great shoes, it’s owning a great handbag! A smart, may or may not be expensive, but great-looking handbag can lift up and elevate your look to new heights.

And finally, when all you’re wearing are basics, add something special. Like a piece of jewelry with a story behind it, or a special scarf; and when nothing else works, how about bold red lips?

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April 27th, 2016

Why you Need to Add Statement Jewelry to your Outfit

Shattered Crystal Ring

Shattered Crystal Ring

We all love color in our outfits! There have been multiple instances where we have been totally blown over by the color combinations in a celebrity outfit! Not for the lack of knowledge that those colors go well together, but out of sheer familiarity to other common and well-perceived color combinations! So, we’ll just blame it on the strict and military-esque dress code regimes of our corporate dress codes! And yes, a lot of firms have been relaxing the rigid dress codes lately, but that is of another matter altogether!

Coming back to color combinations that work but are not thought-of that often, we’d suggest that you keep out a keen eye for the color palettes that look great together. You could pick up these combinations from a co-worker, a celebrity, from a character or star in your favorite movie or TV series, or even from ramp shows and fashion weeks.  Whatever you do, don’t miss out on having some colors in your outfit; it can open up a world of possibilities you never knew existed before! For a fresher that’s still new to the whole color scheme, try wearing jewelry that has some color in it!

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April 18th, 2016

The 5-Piece French Wardrobe

V-neck Lace Dress

V-neck Lace Dress

It has become inevitable in the fashion world to attribute anything new and chic to the glamorous French girls and their styling tricks. The most recent one, also called the 5-piece French wardrobe, is another such glorious addition to our well-heeled Parisian fashion favorites’ feathery caps. How much of this idea stems from actual French soil is up for debate, nevertheless, let us not concern ourselves with the politics of the matter; instead, let’s enjoy the wisdom and the style behind the 5-piece French wardrobe.

Delving deeper into understanding the 5-piece French wardrobe, you might be surprised to learn that it was introduced as a closet cleaning technique. Parisians, true to their style, are known to be extremely meticulous and finicky when it comes to choosing seasonal pieces; so, the 5-piece French wardrobe was introduced to help them figure out what must go in and what must go out. Boiling it down to just the aesthetics, the 5-piece French wardrobe translates to…

-      Only 5 new pieces can be added for each season

-      Buying seasonal basics like tee shirts do not count

-      Accessories do not count, unless you’ve spent a mini fortune to attain them

-      Designer pieces count

Fashion never means the same thing to everyone so it’s perfectly alright if you want to flex these rules a bit! Nevertheless, it’s a great set of rules to follow…

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April 11th, 2016

3 Chic Shoes: Try Kendall Jenner’s Hit Favorites

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Mimi Tall Boots

Mimi Tall Boots

Kendall Jenner has quickly, almost in no time, proven that she is the star of the season! From making chic appearances at the Parisian runways clad in ballgowns and a sweatshirt to looking hot off the ramps in jumpsuits, the pretty lady has proven that she, really, is the model of the moment. Here we bring the top 3 shoes styles from the star that you can grab, for less, from Banana Republic…

Black knee-high boots with little to no heels seem to have made a comeback in mainstream fashion, thanks to Kendall. The model frequently wears them with chic midi side-slit pencil–fit skirts and skinny leather jeans! Don’t want to wear leather this season? Step it up with a couple of midi skirts slit up to knees!

Looks like Silver strappy mules are not just a favorite of Carrie Bradshaw aka SJP from the Sex and the City but also a favorite of Kendall as well. Just grab a pair from BR right away and wear them like the model with rolled-up boyfriend jeans and an off-shoulder cotton top or with a chic denim mini and a crop top!

Not just a fan of towering high heels, the pretty lady also manages to touch the ground stylishly in flatforms teamed with boyfriend jeans and a crop top.

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April 5th, 2016

Summer Dresses for Work

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Geo Lace Strappy Dress

Geo Lace Strappy Dress

Who doesn’t love having a few summer dresses hanging in their closets that they can wear to work? That’s right! Everyone loves summer dresses! Here’s our list of 3 fun and cute summer dresses that you can wear to work as well as a party. Enjoy…

Geo Lace Strappy Dress: It’s in basic black which makes it the perfect option for work. And, then it has those cute eyelet cut-outs all over with stark black lining that adds that chic and sophisticated factor and also, that cute slightly-dipped neckline you can totally cover up with a long necklace and a blazer! All three major pointers checked! So, what are you waiting for? Just add it to your cart right away!

Foulard Flounce Dress: So, it’s got those flouncy layers at the hemline that had us drooling over it like there was no tomorrow. It may not be a sophisticated black, but it’s a dark shade of rich red so it doesn’t matter! Wear it to work with strappy silver sandals and a white blazer, and for the weekends, with a belt and a denim jacket casually slung over your shoulders.

Cotton/Linen Peplum Dress: With its name reading cotton and linen, we thought this one would have to be the perfect dress for all those office meetings and beyond! What do you think?

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April 5th, 2016

Why you Should Get a Silk Midi for Spring

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Limited Edition Silk Pleated Dress

Limited Edition Silk Pleated Dress

There are so many styles that are perfect for Spring, that it’s hard to find the one that make headlines, hits the right notes with fashionistas, celebrities, models, and still have a few takers both on and off the ramps, and the red carpets! One such fabulous trend is the silk midi dress! Here is a list of reasons why this number is so popular and why you should invest in one, right away!

  1. What’s not to love about a silkdress; it’s high-waist silhouette, full skirt and spin-out hemline make for an interesting combination.
  2. Silk dressesare easy to wear and they are uber-feminine! Simply style them with a cute pair of flats for a girl-next-door look, and with a pair of towering high heels and matching cutch to get the party-ready look right away!
  3. With everyone switching over to natural fabrics for spring, a silkdressis a great way to transition from winter to spring with style.
  4. If you don’t want classic styles and need something retro, a silk dress is still the one for you: style it like a skirt if you want to; you can even create a color block effect simply by layering it with a top that’s sensationally colored!
  5. A silk dress is perfect for any occasion; be it a beach party or a neighborhood backyard grill, as long as the dress is classy, sophisticated and hot!

These are just a few reasons as to why you should get the Limited Edition Silk Pleated Dress now! Check out the collection at BR to find more dresses, skirts, tees, tops and pants that are just perfect for you. Shop now and grab a good 40% off your purchase with Banana Republiconline coupons! Simply key in the Banana Republiccoupon code SPRINGFUN at checkout to activate this offer. Hurry, this offer clocks out by April 4, 2016.

April 3rd, 2016