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How to Style Black Shorts Like Miranda Kerr!

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Black Drapey Shorts

Black Drapey Shorts

Supermodel and supermom, Miranda Kerr has always been a style icon for many women. If her striking red carpet looks didn’t make you swoon and fall head-over-heels in love, her off-beat street styles are about to! Famous for her flawless figure and stunning looks, the pretty model is a pro when it comes to rocking a pair of shorts! And, she loves black shorts! Whether she is jetting off to an exotic locale or just running errands around the streets of NYC, a pair of black shorts is a must-have summer staple in her closet. What’s her style secret? Read on to find out more…

  • When styling a pair of black shorts, let your shorts do the talking! Don’t go overboard with colors or accessories and allow your black shorts to be the star of the day!
  • Black and white is a killer combination! Whether you’re in doubt or too tired to pick out a top, always trust a simple white v-neck tee or a tank top to pull you out of the dilemma and add oodles of style to your look!
  • If you must add color to your black shorts, do it with class! A pair of faux-leather or leather shorts in black makes a sexy combo with a royal blue or pale green top. But if these are not your colors, you can always go the tried and tested way – a pair of black shorts with a white tee shirt and a classy bag in a bright color.
  • When it comes to footwear, always, always stick to a pair of booties for a spot-on sex appeal. But you can also style your shorts + top with a pair of killer heels only if you’re confident that the color of the heels can pull the whole look together.

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March 25th, 2015

Try it Out: Windowpane Prints!

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Windowpane Sleeveless Popover Blouse

Windowpane Sleeveless Popover Blouse

While spring time is all about taking your print obsession to new levels, this spring, dare to try something new with window pane prints. Yes, the said print has been around in fashion almost as long as floral prints and yes, these prints are a celeb favorite too! But, what you don’t know about windowpane prints is that they have completely taken over the fashion scene this season. So, the next time you get ready for a trip down to the beach, don’t forget to pull out a cute and charming windowpane print dress or a top for your special date.

This trend is perfect even for those who usually do not prefer too many colors or prints in their wardrobe. It is the very nature of windowpane prints to have just two or three colors, so if you’re not too keen on the color spectrum, check out this hot print from BR!

And, windowpane prints are not like your usual floral print Hawaiin shirt or tee, they spell class and elegance and can be worn for work too! Just be sure to pair this print with a solid top or bottom for an ‘oh wow!’ look!

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March 25th, 2015

Play the Perfect Hostess!

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Heritage Crepe High-low Patio Dress

Heritage Crepe High-low Patio Dress

Are you throwing a barbeque party for friends and family, this weekend? Great! You’ve just decided to welcome spring in the trendiest way possible. Now, what are you planning to wear? If your answer is a pair of denim cut-offs and a slouched tee, think again! With a whole lot of options available, why not be fashionable and fabulous too, especially when you’re the hostess? Don’t you worry, we’re here to help you with a couple of ideas…

Barbeque parties are fun, but if you’re the host, you’re going to be running around a lot ensuring that your guests get enough to eat and to make sure they’re comfortable and happy; but, this also means that you’re going to be spending a lot of time standing up or running about on foot. So, choosing the right kind of footwear and dress is essential. If you’re thinking about a sexy sheath, save it for a late night party and go with a beautiful and elegant patio dress instead. Patio dresses are utterly feminine, gorgeous and spell class, especially for a happening barbeque party. With their elegant uneven hemline, you can show off your stunning legs without actually having to resort to a pair of high heels.

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March 16th, 2015

Flats to Fall for!

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Amirah Flat

Amirah Flat

It’s finally time to give those pumps a break and get into comfortable flats! Come spring and it’s all about fresh fashion and relaxed outfits and nothing fits the bill better than sassy flats. Be it a maxi dress or a pair of cute shorts with a relaxed tee, a simple pair of flats is just what you to add an interesting element of fun and comfort to your outfit!

Moving forward from traditional flat sandals and ballet flats, here is a new breed of flats that are chic, sophisticated and uber stylish. Ankle strap ballet shoes are currently in vogue! And not just that, these humble pair of flats even made a big entrance at the recent runway shows. Heavyweight designers from J. Mendel to Michael Kors put their trust in a simple pair of ankle strap shoes to complement their outfits and judging by the looks it, we have one word to say: stunning!

If you’re look for a new look for the spring, there is no better way to flaunt your spring fashion in style than with a pair of unpretentious ankle strap ballet shoes.  For a simple yet flattering look, you can try teaming a pair of white shorts with a simple top and wear white ankle strap ballet shoes to complete this combo.

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March 14th, 2015

Timeless Style Icon: Coco Chanel!

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Ruched Black Sheath

Ruched Black Sheath

One of the most iconic and influential designers of all time, Coco Chanel created timeless designs that freed women from confining corsets of the early times. Her creative genius lay in designing dresses and suits that was the perfect balance of menswear-inspired elements and feminine grace.  As Chanel once said, “luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”; with simple silhouettes and textures that were borrowed heavily from the men’s wardrobe, she started a new trend that was revolutionary but soon became popular in the 1920’s.

Born as Gabrielle Chanel, she adopted the stage name ‘Coco’ from her stint as a concert singer. Then, she established herself as a couturier selling simple cloche hats, where her customers found her loose jersey dresses different and stylish; soon it became an instant hit. Later, she set up her Haute couture salon Maison Chanel that gained popularity and Coco Chanel’s fame rose from a designer to a style icon.

In just two years, Coco Chanel became famous-enough to launch a perfume, Chanel No.5, Chanel’s signature fragrance and their most iconic product till date. The perfume is currently the World’s best selling fragrance with a bottle being sold every 30 seconds! And with such fame following her, can stardom be far behind? In no time, she became the touted dressmaker for celebrities like Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich and her costumes were even used in movies like Antigone (1923) and Oedipus Rex (1937).

True to her words “Fashion passes, style remains”, Coco Chanel still remains one of the most iconic designers of all times. One of her most famous creations, the LBD, gave women the ultimate fashion staple for all seasons and occasions!

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March 11th, 2015

The Art of Colorblocking!

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Colorblock Fit-and-Flare Dress

Colorblock Fit-and-Flare Dress

How do you perfect the art of colorblocking? Though it may look tricky and difficult to pull off at first glance, when styled the right way, colorblocking is one runway trend that makes your outfit stand out and get noticed! Let’s take a look at this trend that has its roots deep in the art movement of the 19th century including Piet Mondrian paintings from 1906 and Andy Warhol’s Pop Art of the 1960’s.

Ever since the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian created the color block Composition II in 1906, his work has become an inspiration for numerous designers and artists. Mondrian created a series of grid-like abstract paintings with a 5-color palette including black, white, blue, yellow and red to depict a utopian ideal of universal harmony in his modernistic Dutch movement ‘De Stijl’. And, it wasn’t long before colorblocking became a fashion phenomenon as master couturier Saint Laurent quite famously paid homage to the Dutch artist with his 1960’s collection, which included 6 simple A-shaped jersey dresses with graphic black lines and color blocking inspired from the artist’s paintings!

The highly innovative Mondrian collection, significant for blurring the lines between fashion and art, landed the front cover of Vogue in 1965 and catapulted a young Yves Saint Laurent into overnight fame!

Isn’t it quite interesting, to know that a simple combination of two or more colors can create the perfect chemistry and trick your eyes into falling for an optical illusion of a slimmer figure? Get inspired by the story behind fashion’s most coveted trend, color blocking and choose a fabulous colorblock dress from Banana Republic.

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March 10th, 2015

Sparkly Stunners from the Red Carpets!

Belted Ponte Utility Dress

Belted Ponte Utility Dress

Whether it’s a red carpet event or a grand party, sparkling dresses and shimmering gowns have always held the fancy of women worldwide; for whatever reasons! But one thing’s for sure: We are in love with the trend!

Take Dakota Johnson and her sparkly silver number from the Golden Globes, 2015; the pretty star adorned a Chanel couture look that was partly silver and partly gray and was reminiscent of her latest movie, Fifty Shades of Gray! The sexy star’s fitting floor-length strapless silver and gray number ironically happened to be the number 50 in Chanel’s fall 2014 show! Not only that, this dress featured a beautiful split-thigh design that let her show off her long legs! The young actress teamed her stunning outfit with a pair of silver sparkly sandals and a box clutch in silver and a gorgeous diamond ring on her index finer! Now, that’s a lot of bling to pull off!

Even We’re the Millers star Jennifer Anniston, who is known for her love for black, ditched the goth-color during the Oscars and opted for a stunning illusion strapless maxi. Her beautiful creamy Versace number featured see-through glitter panels along with embellished layers that draped around her to create a stunning visual impact. And, as for the star’s decision to leave behind her LBDs, we have to say it was a sacrifice worth making!

Bling and sparkle might just be the new ‘it’ thing in Hollywood, for stars from Ariana Grande to Jennifer Lopez, all seem to love it! Whether you love bling in full or in moderation, don’t forget to shop for a pretty red-carpet-worthy dress at Banana Republic!

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March 9th, 2015

Fashion Fix!

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Coated Lace Dress

Coated Lace Dress

While we’d all love to step out of the house perfectly dressed and looking immaculate in our pristine outfits, let’s face reality here for a minute and accept the fact that, this is not always possible. For one, there are a million things that can go wrong with your outfit; the color combination might be off, the outfit might be out of fashion and given all things said and done, you might not have had enough time to prep your look for the day the previous night, which might sometimes prove to be costly mistake, especially in the accessories department. And, there are other issues, like frayed hem of the garment, a broken heel or a ripped belt. Whew…! That’s quite a list, but to be honest, there are actually a lot of things that can go wrong with your outfit! But you don’t always have to succumb to this theory and give up all hopes of looking good; you see, looking fashionably good and cool is so easy, that it’s child’s play!

The one quick-fix solution to this problem is to set some time to put together outfits the previous night, but let’s say that you don’t have that much time to spare, then you must have a complete set of outfits that can serve as your go-to pieces for emergencies. Alternatively, you can also have a set of accessories that you can simply grab and go to complete your perfect look! Having a nice big belt in a solid color, a pair of nude shoes and a colorful scarf paired with your go-to all-black dress can prove to be a winning combination!

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March 3rd, 2015

Margot Robbie Gets Tasseled!

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Chambray Chic Pendant Necklace

Chambray Chic Pendant Necklace

With so much being spoken about the Oscar red carpet looks, it’s not just the dress that makes these celebs look as stunning as they are; accessories also play a very important role in complementing their outfit. Some accessories play such an prominent role that they can either make or break the look! Simple pieces like a classy clutch or a pair of high-heel pumps can make a world of difference to a look! Take a look at Margot Robbie and her Oscar outfit for instance…

The 24-year old actress looked stunning in a black Yves Saint Laurent gown made of sheer fabric with sheer sleeves. The former Neighbors star did justice to the plunging neckline of her gown by wearing a stunning Van Cleef & Arpels tassel necklace. Featuring exquisite diamonds and sapphires, the tassel necklace added glitter and color to her otherwise simple ensemble. The $1.5 million worth neckpiece had diamonds and sapphires set in 18k yellow gold and was supposedly created in the 1930’s for royalty. The piece also featured bright blue tassels that added just the right amount of color to her overall monotone look. The Wolf of Wall Street star completed her stunning look with a new angular bob and luscious red lips. The sheer gown did her all the justice as she looked nothing less than ravishing on the red carpet!

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March 2nd, 2015

Men! It’s Time to Embrace Fashion!

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Gavin Straight Cotton Chinos

Gavin Straight Cotton Chinos

A couple of decades ago, if you wanted to talk about men’s fashion you’d probably be laughed at for making an unremarkable statement as this; but today, the scenario is completely different with the alpha-male taking the center stage. It’s no longer just about women! Men to want to take a bite out of the delicacy called fashion!

So, what is about fashion that makes everyone, men included, go weak in their knees. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Today, everyone wants to look good; and the boring old age of sticking to just a couple of pants, formal suits and a few good shirts are not going to make anyone the crowd puller. So, the simple solution: go with the flow of fashion!

Gone are the days when men complained that women spent too much time in front of the mirror getting ready for an event or a party or the time spent putting on their make-up. These days, men are no longer shy of spending a few extra minutes in front of the vanity mirror trying to find the style that best suits them. In fact, they take their own sweet time getting ready! And, a few men have been known to dab their fingers into the make-up kit every now and then; men too, are aware of the use of proper moisturizers at night and sometimes even go with a little sunscreen or a concealer. Looks like the scenes of fashion are rally shifting and for the good too!

So guys, now is the perfect time to embrace fashion! Just go with the flow and pick any outfit that you deem fashionable. Checkout the collection of exclusive Men’s wear at BR and avail an exclusive 30% discount with Banana Republic online coupons; And, if you are a card member (Banana Republic card, Gap Card, Old Navy card), you can avail a cool 40% off your purchase. Simply key in the Banana Republic coupon code BRYOU at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer expires on March 1, 2015.

February 26th, 2015