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A Man’s Guide to Scarves

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Georgina Scarf

Georgina Scarf

Scarves are not just to keep you from the cold, these dainty little accessories serve up a lot more in terms of style too, you only need to know how to wear them! Here are a few ways to wear a scarf…

The Stylish New Yorker: This is perhaps one of the easiest and most stylish ways to wear a scarf. Take the scarf length-wise, fold it half and pull the loose ends through the loop you’ve just created with the folding. You can wear your scarf this way for both formal and casual occasions; in fact, that is the best part of this look; you can wear it with jeans and a tee shirt with as much comfort as you can with a two-piece suit.

The Gentleman’s Club:  Did you know that wearing your scarf a certain way spells success, status and wealth? Yes, it does! Wrap your scarf around your neck length-wise with one end greatly longer than the other! If your scarf is made from rich silk, crafted woolen or other expensive material, then this look will easily get you winning points!

The Ivy Leaguer: Ha Ha! The much coveted Ivy League look was as simple as tying a scarf! Just wrap the scarf around your neck length-wise but this time, keep the ends at equal length and tuck the ends into your coat lapel in a manner that your scarf forms a beautiful border around your jacket’s lapel!

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January 15th, 2016

A New Kind of Monochrome

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Metallic Tweed Fringe Tank

Metallic Tweed Fringe Tank

Among the never-ending stream of starlets who patiently wait for the limelight to shine on them, then are quite a few who walk with a casual elegance that can only come when you’re wearing a style that no one else is. And, that’s what happened with Transformers star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley! The 28-year old diva who announced her engagement during the Golden Globes on Sunday night, January 10, 2016, sported a huge diamond sparkler as she walked beside her action hero, Jason Statham. But wait till you find out what she wore and what was special about it!

The British star was sparkling in her studded golden Atelier Versace mermaid gown embellished with millions of gold sequins; the dress also featured spaghetti straps that criss-crossed at the back and a delicate layer of chiffon at the base of the skirt. Rosie’s dress was so gorgeous she did not need much in terms of accessories save her pricey high heel shoes in a matching champagne tone. But here’s what things get interesting; Rosie’s golden number was an exact match for the golden shade of her blond locks! Now, that’s one way to pull off the monochrome trend – match your dress with your hair!

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January 12th, 2016

Jaden Smith Poses for LV in a Skirt!

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Foulard Maxi skirt

Foulard Maxi skirt

Gender bender has always been a thing for the young Mr. Smith, but posing for the new Louis Vuitton campaign, in women’s clothes, now that is something entirely different. For the young star of the Instagram-generation who speaks his mind openly, this is certainly a step up!

Speaking of Jaden’s style, one can safely say that it has always been revolutionary at best! And, this is one star-kid that really knows how to clean up well for he looks just as impressive in a suit as he does in a convincing pair of loose-fitted jeans and a baggy tee shirt. So, while it does come as a surprise that Jaden’s taken up modeling for LV, it is certainly a surprise when the brand in question is Louis Vuitton, after all, it’s the flagship brand of LVMH!

In an era where gender-free clothing is emerging victorious, and bending the lines between men and women’s clothing limits set by age-old preconceived notions and standards is a day-to-day thing, we are the lucky ones who get to witness the magnificent transformation in clothing mar the safe lines between genders.

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January 6th, 2016

Your Guide to Holiday Accessories

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Pearl Spike Necklace

Pearl Spike Necklace

Accessories are great conversation starters! Come on, haven’t you had a scene where someone you’ve never talked to before just popped a question about a bracelet or a necklace that you were wearing? And, that conversation led to a discussion about accessories, clothes, food, restaurants, boyfriends and more. Here are a few ways to jazz up your look this party season…

  1. Wearing a jumpsuit and not sure how to dress it up? Just grab a men’s watch with a large dial; make sure it’s flashy!
  2. A beautiful solid woollen dress can be dressed up for a party in three ways: one, with a chunky necklace, or two, with a pair of chandelier earrings, or three, with a chunky braided bracelet. Never wear them all at once!
  3. A hip party calls for a hip accessory! How about a shiny sparkly clutch or pair of shoes with sparkles all over it?
  4. To accessorize your grunge-girl look, put together accessories that have elements of both girly and grunge elements. Leather bracelets with pearl charms or a pearl necklace with metallic spikes fit the category!
  5. Got a dress with a plunging neckline and don’t want it to be the focal point? Throw in a thin tassel necklace and you’re good to go.

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December 22nd, 2015

Grab the Best Holiday Party Bags from BR at a 40% off!

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Shearling-flap Chain Shoulder Bag

Shearling-flap Chain Shoulder Bag

The festive season is a mere days away and it’s time for you to gear up to handle all the parties, get-togethers and merry making! Since you’d have already planned ahead and got yourself the best party dresses for the season, here’s a list of ‘the’ best holiday party bags that will surely keep you glued. Take a look…

Metallic Small Pouch: This cute holiday bag is the best present you could give yourself this festive season. It has all-over bling which makes it the perfect addition to all your party outfits; plus, it comes in an adorable shade of gold that can work all year round, meaning, you’ll be carrying this baby with all your summer dresses, long after winter is over!

Shearling-flap Chain Shoulder Bag: Steal the spotlight from your pals clad in your ornate Christmas dress teamed with this very adorable and cute shearling flap bag. If you’re a fan of shearling, then you’d surely love this bag; even otherwise, the combination of colors and varied textures (leather straps, shearling flaps, metallic chain carry-on straps and woolen body) is an impressive combination in itself that it must have a place in your accessory collection!

Ashbury Sweater-print Tote: As long as you’re wearing a sweater, why shouldn’t your bag have one of its own? Well, at least a sweater print! This sweater-print bag from BR has impressive knit-like prints on the outside but is actually made from durable faux-leather; it would make a nice addition to your closet and you can carry it on those when you feel the need to go under the radar. But beware, this one is pretty-enough to get you noticed too!

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December 19th, 2015

Ring in the Festive Season with Bling!

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Teardrop Earrings

Teardrop Earrings

You can have a ton of first-class professional clothes that put any well-dressed fashionista to shame, but you need to have some great festive clothes to get you through the holiday season with your reputation still intact! If you’re wondering how you can do that without going in for a complete wardrobe overhaul, here are a few bling accessories that can make your day…

A solid black work dress that you love to wear to office parties and meetings can instantly attain that party vibe when you pair it with a bold bib necklace.   Don’t like the bib necklace? Just wear a solid stone-studded choker or a necklace with a broad pendant to amp up your style.

Large tear-drop earrings or chandelier drop earrings can uplift and redeem the worth of any work dress. It not quite clear why, but these charming masterpieces have the ability to add a certain regal elegance to any outfit.

Full-metal monotone solid bracelets or chain-link gold-toned bracelets can lift up the spirits of your work dress. Too many and they can bring out a punk element, and too few can make your outfit seem dull; so the keep the number to an optimum level and play with your style!

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December 15th, 2015

Why Crop Tops and High-waist Pants are a Match Made in Heaven

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Herringbone Flannel Wide-leg Trousers

Herringbone Flannel Wide-leg Trousers

Straight-legged, slim-fit, cropped, ankle-trimmed, flared, boot-cut or drapey pants – whatever the kind of pants you opt for, if they’re high-waisted, they have the perfect match in the form of cropped tops or sweaters! The combination of crop tops and high-waist pants is truly a match made in heaven, and here’s why…

  1. High-waisted pants have an air of sophistication about them – they are not quite like palazzo pants but offer the same freedom but with a hint of simplicity – pairing them with casual and flirty crop tops bring out an interesting juxtaposition that’s hard to miss even for the un-trained eye!
  2. Fancy or formal, work or play, party or a quite book-reading, the combination of high-waisted pants and a crop top is tailored for perfection to suit any circumstance!
  3. High-waisted pants are loose at the legs that give you enough leg room and freedom – which means, you now have a worthy replacement for your favorite pair of jeans and tee shirt.
  4. Basically, anyone can pull this off; you don’t have to be a model or a size zero to wear this fancy combo.
  5. Teamed with a fitting blazer, that you can wear buttoned down all day long, the combo will give off a professional look; conversely, team them with a trench and you can get a universally flattering laid-back vibe!

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December 15th, 2015

How to Work With Bright Outerwear

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Blue Duffle Coat

Blue Duffle Coat

For the young professional who needs fresh ideas and office-style inspiration on a daily basis, the knowledge on how to work with bright outerwear is impertinent to survival in corporate America. But before you get your cards and start shopping, here are a few things you need know in order to work with bright outer layers…

  1. Rule number one of working with bright outerwear is that you keep the rest of your outfit in a single color or at least under one color category.
  2. They say that you should not wear dark clothes if you’re styling with a bright jacket – well, that’s just a myth! You can wear dark colors like navy and black in combination with bright outerwear but make sure your colors tie the look together neatly.
  3. While wearing bright outwear, ensure that your outfit has no other jarring or in-your-face kind-of styles that can steal the spotlight from your statement coat.
  4. You can wear two bright colors – one as the outerwear and another as the inner layer – but you need to stick to successful color combinations such as leopard print and yellow, hot pink and yellow, red with monochrome stripes and blue with yellow. These color combination work well with one another and are a great way to add that extra ounce of style to your outlook.
  5. Take this bright blue duffel coat for instance, you can out it to work with a black and white striped sweater, dark blue skinny jeans, knee-high camel or tan boots, and a bright neon bag in yellow! The bright bag and the stripes will tone down the loudness of the coat by playing easy eye-candy all by themselves!

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December 14th, 2015

Layering Sweaters!

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Soft-Wash Blue Plaid Flannel Dolman Shirt

Soft-Wash Blue Plaid Flannel Dolman Shirt

It’s not without reason that winter is called the ‘sweater weather’. Winter demands that you wear a sweater! We all love sweaters, but there’s one small obstacle in wearing them: you either do it like a pro or you end up looking like a schoolgirl! Looking for a trick to navigate muddy waters? The answer is layering! Read on for a few tips about layering while wearing sweaters…

  1. Remember only the collar part of your layering piece is going to be visible underneath your sweaters! So, to keep your look from treading the boring path, keep things interesting with a scallop hem collar or a Victorian collar!
  2. Shirts with prints at the body and plain collars and cuffs will make a poor choice for layering as they would add to the basic look. Instead, opt for faux-collars or shirts with interesting collar lines to spark curiosity about your outfit!
  3. Printed, plaid and patterned shirts are a great way to spruce up the look of your plain old sweater!
  4. Choose skinny fit and slim-fit shirts as compared to regular ones as they can help reduce the bulk while layering and give you a toned slender look!
  5. Some stylists recommend that you layer a tank top with your shirt and then wear a sweater on top to give your outfit some shape and structure.

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December 11th, 2015

What to Wear with a Tulle Skirt!

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Gunmetal Jacquard Vee Peplum Tank

Gunmetal Jacquard Vee Peplum Tank

It’s holiday season, which calls for a celebration in itself, so why not wear a tulle skirt? Yes, by all means, you should! Here are a few ways to wear a tulle skirt…

Unless you’re going to a ball, opt for a short tulle skirt! In case you are, then you can style your solid tulle skirt with a shimmer top or a striped tee. Wear lots of pearls or gold chains to perfect your look! And, finally, don’t forget a pair of killer heels in colors that work with your outfit!

For a short tulle skirt, style it with a graphic tee with bold sparkly letters or go with a strapless solid top! Both these tops have to be figure-hugging to bring out the volume of your skirt, and to give you that statement-making look! Also, you can team up your tulle skirt with a lace blouse and accentuate the mixture of textures with a bib necklace!

Bralet tops, leotards and crop tops are great options with your tulle skirt but pick them in contrasting colors and show off your color play!

While there are plenty of options for styling your tulle skirt, nothing beats the charm of tulle and a plaid shirt! Plaid brings out a rugged charm and tulle romanticizes the look – perfect combo when’re not ready to decide what to wear!

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December 10th, 2015