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The 5-Piece French Wardrobe

V-neck Lace Dress

V-neck Lace Dress

It has become inevitable in the fashion world to attribute anything new and chic to the glamorous French girls and their styling tricks. The most recent one, also called the 5-piece French wardrobe, is another such glorious addition to our well-heeled Parisian fashion favorites’ feathery caps. How much of this idea stems from actual French soil is up for debate, nevertheless, let us not concern ourselves with the politics of the matter; instead, let’s enjoy the wisdom and the style behind the 5-piece French wardrobe.

Delving deeper into understanding the 5-piece French wardrobe, you might be surprised to learn that it was introduced as a closet cleaning technique. Parisians, true to their style, are known to be extremely meticulous and finicky when it comes to choosing seasonal pieces; so, the 5-piece French wardrobe was introduced to help them figure out what must go in and what must go out. Boiling it down to just the aesthetics, the 5-piece French wardrobe translates to…

-      Only 5 new pieces can be added for each season

-      Buying seasonal basics like tee shirts do not count

-      Accessories do not count, unless you’ve spent a mini fortune to attain them

-      Designer pieces count

Fashion never means the same thing to everyone so it’s perfectly alright if you want to flex these rules a bit! Nevertheless, it’s a great set of rules to follow…

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