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Why you Need to Add Statement Jewelry to your Outfit

Shattered Crystal Ring

Shattered Crystal Ring

We all love color in our outfits! There have been multiple instances where we have been totally blown over by the color combinations in a celebrity outfit! Not for the lack of knowledge that those colors go well together, but out of sheer familiarity to other common and well-perceived color combinations! So, we’ll just blame it on the strict and military-esque dress code regimes of our corporate dress codes! And yes, a lot of firms have been relaxing the rigid dress codes lately, but that is of another matter altogether!

Coming back to color combinations that work but are not thought-of that often, we’d suggest that you keep out a keen eye for the color palettes that look great together. You could pick up these combinations from a co-worker, a celebrity, from a character or star in your favorite movie or TV series, or even from ramp shows and fashion weeks.  Whatever you do, don’t miss out on having some colors in your outfit; it can open up a world of possibilities you never knew existed before! For a fresher that’s still new to the whole color scheme, try wearing jewelry that has some color in it!

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