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The Art of Accessorizing!

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Fringe Double Necklace

Fringe Double Necklace

The difference between a good dress and a great one is accessorizing. A couple of necklaces, a charm bracelet or a pair of statement earrings can do wonders for your look in a way that nothing else can! Read on to discover all about the art of accessorizing!

  • Create a focal point! Each dress has a unique feature about it that made it part of your closet in the first place; try to remember it  when you get dressed and focus on that! Supposing you have a dress with a beautiful asymmetric neckline, then make sure that neckline is the focal point of your dress. Don’t clutter your neck with multiple neckpieces or a choker; leave it bare and add a pair of simple studs and let the unique neckline do the talking.
  • Never wear more than one statement piece! Even if you bought them as set, do not wear statement earrings and neck pieces together; it would simply distract attention and make you look clueless. Instead, be choosy with accessories; when you go for a pair of statement earrings wear a simple gold chain or go bare neck, if you will; and, likewise, if you go for a statement neckpiece, keep the earrings simple and minimalistic!
  • And, finally, keep your accessories in a place where you can see them. You may have the perfect neckpiece to go with your LBD but if you can’t find it or remember it, then there is no use in having it. Remember, out of sight is out of thought! So, keep your accessories in plain sight where you can look at them when you get dressed. This way, you can always indulge in a bit of fun while getting dressed and try out new accessories with your dresses!

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