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Bags for the MR.’s

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Men who love following fashion trends know that accessorizing is not just about the ties anymore – it’s also about other trendy stuff like bags, watches, belts, scarves and more. Bags top the list as they are highly functional and really in. Prestigious brands like Ted Baker and Louis Vuitton had their men styled up with super-stylish bags in the Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection.

Putting aside the style factor, it’s undeniable that bags are really practical too. You can just shove in your laptop, cell phone, papers and other essentials, and carry it conveniently wherever you go.

With new hi-fi gadgets being invented every day, our pockets are piling up. These handy tablets, MP3 players and eBook readers have become very much a part of our everyday lives and, it’s hard to do without one even for a few hours. One of the best ideas to always keep these treasures close to you is a messenger bag! They can hold your stuff while adding more style to your outfit.  Whether you’re in the metro, having a coffee somewhere or waiting for your girlfriend while she shops, your prized possessions will be just a grab away. David Beckham looked smart and neat in a suit accessorized with a messenger bag.

The slim fit trend is in and men have rocked this look well. But, as you have to have your wallet, keys and smartphone with you always, putting them  in your slim-cut pants pocket will spoil the whole look and blow away the beauty of the outfit. Get one of these “smart-and-sensible” bags from Banana Republic to store your stuff and let your nice tailored pants show their classiness.

Not just for the formal wear, a fit and fab look is best achieved with un-bulky pockets for casual wear too. Ardent photographers who want to carry all their camera paraphernalia can try out the tote bag. It’ll hold your photography equipment, important papers and of course your gadgets safe, all in one place.

Also, check out the weekender bag. A night or two away from home is best accompanied with one in hand. It’s small enough to carry around without looking drag and big enough to fit in your weekend gear. How do you style it with the rest of your outfit? Match with pairing colors or play with contrasting ones.

Grab a bag today at a discount of 30%! You can also pick out other accessories and some cozy outfits as the offer covers everything for men and women excluding only select items. Start shopping right away because this offer is valid today, December 17, 2012 and tomorrow, December 18, 2012. Enter the Banana Republic coupon code BR48HOUR at checkout to redeem this discount.