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Basics for Fall!

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Sloan-fit Khaki Slim Ankle Pants

Sloan-fit Khaki Slim Ankle Pants

Trends come and go but basics (or layering pieces) are the ones that stay forever! That perfectly worn-out white tee, those vintage denims you bough while you were in college and those pretty nudes that you’ve had forever; these wardrobe staples are the building blocks with which you can create umpteen number of looks and styles! The beauty of investing in basics is that they help you utilize the other pieces in your closet more effectively!

Seasonal trends are great for a while but once you’re done with the season, there is only a limited time frame that you can recycle and reuse those pieces; unlike staples that will never go out of style or lose their street style chic appeal! For those that are apprehensive about hoarding your closet with seasonal pieces (for some, it can really become a circus of sorts), the big pieces of the puzzle that you seem to missing is staples! Just like a great construction plan needs a solid foundation, your closet needs the support of basics! They are like bread and butter of your looks; they are the foundation pieces! And, once you have a strong foundation in line, you can build pretty much anything!

Build a strong foundation of basics in your closet with shirts, tailored work pants in solid colors, tee shirts, sweaters and more!

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