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Beat the ‘Mid-Week’ Crisis!

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Marled Navy Open Cardigan

Marled Navy Open Cardigan

It’s early on a Thursday morning and you hit the snooze on the alarm clock just to catch those extra five minutes of sleep. But when you wake-up, you realize that you just have an hour at the most to show up at work and switch to ‘hurricane Katrina’ mode and get ready for work. But, when you rummage through your closet trying to find a single piece of work-ready outfit that will just save your day, you find that most of the pieces are boring or you’ve simply worn them too many times this month. So, what do you do? What do you do?

The simplest and most convenient solution for this common problem, that experts term as a ‘mid-week crisis’, is to shop for a brand new set of clothes for your closet. Seems scary, though! Doesn’t it? Well, it actually isn’t!

The big secret to an ever-ready work-wear closet is to have that extra ounce of confidence to put together completely out-of-the-world pieces to create the most outrageous pieces. You can easily add an element of interest to any boring old outfit with one single piece of stunning accessory. For example, got a simple and cute little black dress that you’ve worn in every possible combination ever imaginable? Then, it’s time to switch it up with a nice black and white polka dot cardigan to create a super-cute yet simply irresistible look.

If you’re frowning right now, thinking of a polka dot cardigan as too matronly then, how about a patterned pepper and navy cardigan from Banana Republic? It’s simple, sophisticated and is perfect for a quick dress-up day!

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