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The Beauty and Rich History of Orchids

Orchids StyleWe all know that orchids are beautiful but did you know that they have a rich history and are symbolic flowers? If you didn’t, read on and enjoy the interesting info -

  • In ancient Greece, orchids were symbolic of virility. It was believed that if men ate large orchid tubers the couple would have a son and if women ate small orchid tubers, they would have a daughter!
  • During the Victorian era, orchids became a symbol of luxury because they were rare and only people from the upper classes could afford to buy them.
  • An orchid is the flower of the 14th anniversary especially the ‘catallya orchid’ which represents mature charm, affection and understanding. Here’s a note to the men – instead of getting her orchids which will fade in a week for you anniversary, get her orchid in the form of jewelry to signify a long-lasting love!
  • This flower even has a history with Samurais! One of the species of orchids called – Neofinetia falcata was treasured by the Japanese royals for its fragrance and foliage. Samurai soldiers would go miles to get hold of the rare flower, and if they were successful in bringing one back, it was considered as a sign of bravery.
  • The Aztecs are believed to have drunk mixtures of vanilla orchids and chocolates for strength!
  • Do you know how many species of orchids there are? Between 22,000 to 26,000.
  • While the smallest orchid is the size of a dime, the largest weighs several hundred pounds!
  • The Phragmipedium kovachi orchid was discovered in 2002 in South America. With beautiful petals in a bright purple color, the discovery caused a big stir among orchid fans and, even made headlines in the New York Times.
  • In China, orchids are considered as a symbol of fertility.
  • Some tribes of Philippines like the Manobo, Bagobo, Aeta people consider orchids as guardians of the forest and even worship them!
  • Since it can bloom anywhere and under different conditions, orchids are signifiers of enduring love.

Having such a rich history and symbolizing so many positive factors, orchids are undoubtedly – a treasure! While keeping the flowers in your home is a good idea, it may fade with time so here’s an idea to keep an orchid in your life forever – get jewelry with orchid flower designs!

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