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Belt Up Your Look to Confidence!

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Animal Print Haircalf Skinny Belt

Animal Print Haircalf Skinny Belt

As much of a fashion advocate you are, it doesn’t have to be all the bigger things that constitute to a great look – after all, the devil is in the detail!

And one such detail you can’t afford to miss out on is the belt at the waist. Fuss-free, chic and inexpensive, this accessory is the mighty weapon that could make or break your look. So, to pile them up in heaps in your wardrobe is never going to make you look anything short of fabulous. Here we have some of the latest belt trends that you might wanna take a look at and snatch it right away, just in case you don’t have them.

Animal print belts: With the amount of sophistication and intense swag it brings to your look, animal prints are just about everything you can’t go wrong with. And to bring in a dash of color and warmth, animal print belt is your best friend to make your sad winter look a hit with the crowd.

Metallic belts: To enhance you look with a touch of blinginess, metallic belts tick all the checkboxes on your list. From drab to fab, this style is all you need to make a fashion statement with little to no effort!

Both the latter and the former styles are available in Banana Republic at a slashed price – check out the store site for details on the 35% discount today, October 29, 2014. Once you’re through shopping, enter the valid Banana Republic online coupon code BRTODAY at checkout.
Happy shopping!