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Bring out your eye color with the right clothing!

Mayet Pink Tie-Front BlouseEyes, one of the most beautiful features of every face, reflect the deepest emotions, and the age-old saying, “eyes are the mirror of the soul” proves it all!

Even if you’re blessed with gorgeous eyes, you can go a step further and highlight them by wearing clothes that suit your eye color. And here’s how you do it!

Pale blue eyes are best with lilac and pastel pink colored outfits while light brown eyes sparkle against honey brown or green. Plum or peach outfits best accentuate dark green eyes. Your mid-to-dark blue eyes are super-seductive when you wear gold or peach colored outfits. If you have pale green eyes, go for outfits in lavender or blue-gray. Dark brown eyes shine with olive green or camel brown outfits and hazel eyes look sexy and intense with moss green or purple outfits.

Wear the perfect-colored outfit for special events, dates and occasions and let your eyes take the center stage. In case you love the layering look, match the outfit that’s closest to the face (like the jackets, blazers, shrugs and coats) with your eye color. You can also try and inject your “magic” color with accessories or makeup!

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