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Teal Stone Cluster RingWere rings always considered a symbol of love? When did people ever start exchanging rings and why? If these questions often run through your mind, read on to find some answers and some interesting facts you may have not yet heard about rings!

  • The custom of exchanging rings has been going on since the Ancient Egyptian times which date back to around four thousand years back.
  • They were worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because the Egyptians believed that there is a vein in that finger which directly connects to the heart. This vein is called the “veina amoris” – vein of love.
  • In the past, engagement rings were not given just as a symbol of love but more so to denote that the guy is financially capable of taking care of the girl.
  • Roman men gave engagement rings that came with a small key. They believed that a woman will protect and cherish her husband’s heart.
  • Beyonce is the current holder of the world’s most expensive engagement ring worth 5 million dollars. Jay-Z went all out for the love of his life with an 18-carat diamond ring designed by Lorraine Schwartz.
  • December is the time when rings are highest in demand; it is believed that 15% of couples get engaged during this season of joy. Following Christmas – Thanksgiving, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day are other hot periods of proposal and the days when ring gifting is on the high.

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