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Calling All Men to Suit-Up

Tailored black suitBarney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother quoted, “Suits are full of joy. They’re the sartorial equivalent of a baby’s smile.”

Ask any man as to what is their Holy Grail in dressing up is, the answer would be a well-fitted suit, unanimously.

Suits are worn to the office, to parties, weddings and any other big event. Suits are practically -EVERYWHERE.

When choosing one, make sure it reflects class and masculinity. But, important of all, it should fit you well, with a good hold on your shoulders and waist.  Here are a few ideas on what to suit up in, for different occasions.

The Heritage brown plaid wool suit blazer is made for men who like to look dapper.  This classic piece is sure to be the perfect alley when it comes to meeting difficult situations in the boardroom. It’ll keep you looking sharp and elegant like how a contemporary man should.

Nothing beats the timelessness of a tailored gray plaid wool two-button suit blazer. Try it for the next big occasion – and remember, it’s going to win you that extra point when you go for the upcoming dinner date with the future in-laws.

The skinny fashion trend has made its way into the men’s suit arena too. You don’t have to go super skinny, just pick the Tailored black Italian wool two-button suit blazer. The slim fitting silhouette will be just right to sway some girls at a wedding celebration.

Getting a well-fitted shirt to wear under the suit is the BIG key. If you’re picking a suit with a slim fit, pick a shirt that’s slim fitted too, you wouldn’t want that extra bulge of fabric showing out at the sides. Now, take your pick from a variety of collections at Banana Republic. Keep visiting Banana Republic online coupons to be updated on the daily deals and offers. Save while you shop with Banana Republic coupon codes!