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Carry Your Style with Designer Totes

Make your own style statement with a designer tote bag. What does tote mean? It means to carry. Totes are large and open bags with parallel handles centrally placed on both sides at the top. While the classic tote bag will have arched straps, it has been subjected to several variations over time. Tote bags came in fashion during the 1950s era when women paid more attention to practicality and functionality rather than style. Later in 1960s Bonnie Cashin launched a new range of Cashin Carry Tote Bags.

Down the line, in the 1990s Kate Spade triggered a change in the way totes were used – from a luggage tote to travel bag and finally a fashion handbag.

Initially, totes were available in canvas and leather. But nowadays jute and nylon are in vogue. Available in an array of colors, totes are versatile enough for daytime or nighttime use. They are roomy and can fit all your travel essentials. Even after dumping your iPad, cosmetics, and magazines, you still find space for more.

Even popular celebs believe that totes are a “must-have” to accessorize their wardrobe. Few days ago, Jennifer Garner was seen sporting a Celine luggage tote while out with her daughter. Amy Childs and Michelle Keegan even have their own personalized jute tote bags! They are super cool, we agree!

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