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Catch Hold of: An Anorak!

Anorak DesignThis blog is dedicated to the pretty utility jackets – anoraks. Let’s start off with some interesting facts about this jacket!

  • Anoraks were first invented to wear while hunting and kayaking by people in the Caribou Inuit of the Arctic region
  •  They were made from the skin of seals or caribou, and coated with fish oil to make it water-resistant!
  •  The word “anorak” originates from the Kalaallisut word “anoraq”
  •  It first appeared in the English dictionary in 1924 where it was defined as a “gay beaded item worn by Greenland women or brides in the 1930s”
  •  The anorak became a fashion statement when Vogue published a version made from poplin in one of their issues in the year 1959

Now, read on to find out five reasons why you should buy one today!

  •  Because they flaunt a fun design that combines the sporty and feminine look
  •  They’ll make you look ultra chic even on rainy days
  •  Because stylistas like Rachel Bilson and Jennifer Love Hewitt love these jackets
  •  The nipped in waists are guaranteed figure-flatterers
  •  They work with anything – dresses, jeans or skirts

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