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Beat the Heat with these Cool Accessories from BR!!

Looking for a wardrobe change, but worried about the sizeable chunk that you have to shell out for your little obsession? Fret not, for what you need to spruce up your wardrobe aren’t always expensive. For example remember that little LBD that you’ve had since longer than you can remember and simply loved wearing it [...]

Yes, Men can Look Cool in Cardigans!

Now that you’ve witnessed a number of A-listers, like Kanye West and Adam Levine, bravely don the cardigans, it is time for all you men out there to stop being hesitant about cardigans and see how it gives you a quirky look! And yes, men can definitely pull-off cardigans, if that’s what you’re worried about. [...]

The Scarf Matters!

“Winter is coming!” the motto of House Stark from the popular American television series The Game of Thrones can’t be more relevant than right now. It is almost winter and Christmas is fast approaching. It’s time you pull out the long coats you’d stuffed in the back of your closets and get all bundled up. [...]

Belt Up Your Look to Confidence!

As much of a fashion advocate you are, it doesn’t have to be all the bigger things that constitute to a great look – after all, the devil is in the detail! And one such detail you can’t afford to miss out on is the belt at the waist. Fuss-free, chic and inexpensive, this accessory [...]

Trending Now: Ankle Strap Pumps the New “It” thing!

Very closely associated with the “It girl” standards, the alluring new trend of ankle strap pumps are back with a bang, and this time the trend plans to stay for long. With its perpetual allegiance to chic attire, these sexy pumps have made it bigger and better than ever to the world of fashion, and [...]

The Power of a Belt – An ‘Awards Season Inspiration’ Post!

It’s the awards season and a time of delight for all the fashion fads out there. Seeing the beautiful stars in all their couture glory brings a mix of happiness with a tinge of sadness, because each girl wishes they could have their princess day, in haute designer glory. Well, those dresses may not reach [...]

A Glowing Start

What better way to start off a fresh new year than updating your prized jewelry collection with some fresh and pretty new sparklers? Shop for some today at Banana Republic and save a big 30% on your purchase! A brief run-through on some must-haves: Bracelet: Indulge in quirky glamour this year with the giraffe bracelet! [...]

Big Sparkling Stones – The KimYe Proposal!

On Monday, the 21st of October, a lucky girl’s dreams came true when the love of her life went down on bended knees and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him, yes, this is about the gorgeous Kim K and her man. At the huge AT&T park, Kayne had the words, [...]

Spiff Up with Scarves!

Accessories, in one word, is an entity that makes sense to the outfit, adding to the depth of the look – and scarves are one among the list, to be precise, the toppers of the list. No wonder it’s been considered as one of the must-have accessories in the closet! But, with an accessory of [...]

Enjoy the Extra 40% Off on Women Sale Styles!

Each of us grows up dreaming and planning on becoming a successful person in life. While some of us do and some of haven’t, either ways we are trying to live our dreams! But, whatever we achieve and be, it will never be complete without family. Family is the people that have stood by your [...]