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3 Must-have Shoes for Spring

There are lots of perks being a woman, one of which is getting to walk around in high heels that just make the men go weak in their knees, figuratively! This season, we’ve rounded up 3 of the best spring shoes you need to have in your arsenal somewhere… Raine Espadrille Wedges: Ever since Kate [...]

A Man’s Guide to Black-tie Suits

There is so much fashion advice out there for the fairer sex that we tend to forget about the men in tux! When it comes to decoding the formal dressing guide, especially the black-tie suit guide, men need almost as much help as women do when it comes to picking out their party dress. So, [...]

How to Work With Bright Outerwear

For the young professional who needs fresh ideas and office-style inspiration on a daily basis, the knowledge on how to work with bright outerwear is impertinent to survival in corporate America. But before you get your cards and start shopping, here are a few things you need know in order to work with bright outer [...]

What to Wear with a Tulle Skirt!

It’s holiday season, which calls for a celebration in itself, so why not wear a tulle skirt? Yes, by all means, you should! Here are a few ways to wear a tulle skirt… Unless you’re going to a ball, opt for a short tulle skirt! In case you are, then you can style your solid [...]

How to Accessorize for Winter!

It’s almost winter and it’s only a matter of time before you give up the urge to accessorize (or, even worry about fashion for that matter) and bundle up to brace yourselves from the cold! But before you get started, here are a few ways to accessorize that might add that spark of fire to [...]

Silver Stunner from the 2015 Emmys!

When you have no idea what to wear to a special occasion, did you ever consider that silver might be it? Well, it’s a beautiful color that flatters every figure and it works with other silver or platinum accessories! And, with silver as your by-line, you can never wrong! Here, take a look how some [...]

Of Necklines and Necklaces!

You have a whole bunch of accessories and you have a whole lot of beautiful dresses, but you’re just not sure how to pair them? Well, let’s discuss some common necklines and the type of the necklaces that will suit them! Take a look… For an outfit with a crew neckline, like the one commonly [...]

The Retro Makeover!

If you want to find out what’s currently in vogue in fashion, then you need to take a look at celebrity street styles; but if you want to know what you need to stock up your wardrobe with for the coming season, then all you need to do is take a peek at the recent [...]

Glitterati at Work!

Now, who doesn’t love a good bling accessory? After all, the very function of bling jewelry is to alter your look and take you to new heights. But there are a few skeptics who still think that a lot of bling might prove to be eye sore; while some think that bling only works with [...]

Lily James Sports a New Cinderella avatar!

Fairytales are all about fantasies and happy endings; precisely the reason why every girl has grown up reading them! And the recent release of Cinderella by Walt Disney Pictures has definitely brought back those sweet memories and rekindled our fantasies. Lily James, the leading lady, has done justice to the role, both in terms of [...]