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Why you Need to Add Statement Jewelry to your Outfit

We all love color in our outfits! There have been multiple instances where we have been totally blown over by the color combinations in a celebrity outfit! Not for the lack of knowledge that those colors go well together, but out of sheer familiarity to other common and well-perceived color combinations! So, we’ll just blame [...]

3 Chic Shoes: Try Kendall Jenner’s Hit Favorites

Kendall Jenner has quickly, almost in no time, proven that she is the star of the season! From making chic appearances at the Parisian runways clad in ballgowns and a sweatshirt to looking hot off the ramps in jumpsuits, the pretty lady has proven that she, really, is the model of the moment. Here we [...]

4 Items to Take your Office-ready Looks to Another Level

If you’re always on the lookout for new ways to spruce up work outfits and take them to new heights, jewelry is the key! Here, we’ve listed out 4 new finds that can totally step-up your corporate style game. Take a look… To justify choosing a drool-worthy Teardrop Pendant for work when you should’ve only [...]

Your Guide to Holiday Accessories

Accessories are great conversation starters! Come on, haven’t you had a scene where someone you’ve never talked to before just popped a question about a bracelet or a necklace that you were wearing? And, that conversation led to a discussion about accessories, clothes, food, restaurants, boyfriends and more. Here are a few ways to jazz [...]

Ring in the Festive Season with Bling!

You can have a ton of first-class professional clothes that put any well-dressed fashionista to shame, but you need to have some great festive clothes to get you through the holiday season with your reputation still intact! If you’re wondering how you can do that without going in for a complete wardrobe overhaul, here are [...]

Gifts for the Hostess!

So, you already have a ton of invitations to Christmas parties, pre-Christmas and post-Christmas parties, and you plan to attend almost all of them (It’s really a miracle how the dates didn’t clash)! What are you planning to gift the hostess? It’s okay to walk in with a bottle of wine or perfume for the [...]

Beat the Heat with these Cool Accessories from BR!!

Looking for a wardrobe change, but worried about the sizeable chunk that you have to shell out for your little obsession? Fret not, for what you need to spruce up your wardrobe aren’t always expensive. For example remember that little LBD that you’ve had since longer than you can remember and simply loved wearing it [...]

Glitterati at Work!

Now, who doesn’t love a good bling accessory? After all, the very function of bling jewelry is to alter your look and take you to new heights. But there are a few skeptics who still think that a lot of bling might prove to be eye sore; while some think that bling only works with [...]

Just Accessorize!

When it comes to outfits, we are more than willing to spend whopping amounts on clothes and dresses but when it comes to accessories, we’re not too keen on splurging! But did you know that a simple statement accessory can break or break an entire look? And not just that, there’s a lot more advantage [...]

Margot Robbie Gets Tasseled!

With so much being spoken about the Oscar red carpet looks, it’s not just the dress that makes these celebs look as stunning as they are; accessories also play a very important role in complementing their outfit. Some accessories play such an prominent role that they can either make or break the look! Simple pieces [...]