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Men and Their Shoes!

In today’s competitive world where we tend to judge people by face value, looking good becomes extremely important. And for men, it’s no longer just about having the right pin stripe suit or the crisp white cotton button down shirt. Now, it’s all trickled down to little details like shoes. They say that the devil [...]

Woman and her Shoes!

It’s not for no reason did Marilyn Monroe say the timeless quote, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”. The quote itself might come across as a bit too old but the context fits the modern era just so perfectly that women have an inborn attitude that tends to step [...]

Messed Up on Mother’s Day? Make It Up To Her with These Cool Ways!

Moms mean the world to us and we try making her feel special on her day. But the question is how far we go to make her day? Here are the four easy ways to make it up to her. Keep reading… Fine Jewelry Women and jewelry go hand in hand! Hands down, women love [...]

The Big Spring/Summer 2013 Footwear Trend: Thigh-high Boots!

We all rise up to the occasion, but this time around, it is about rising up to the spring trend and the rise is certainly up to the thighs with the thigh-high boots! The major role of an accessory is to create a contrast to the outfit by lighting up or sobering down as needed. [...]

Britney Arrives for Easter Service in Style!

Many a new style could be enjoying its heydays, but whatever it is, when at church, a modest dress is the key! And that’s exactly what the Oops!… I Did It Again singer, Britney Spears seemed to follow! Britney Spears  attended the Easter service with her family wearing a long patterned dress that extended way [...]

Check Out the LBD Look on a Yummy Mummy-to-be!

Marigay McKee, the director of Harrods fashion and beauty said, “The little black dress is not just a fashion accessory. It’s an institution – an iconic fashion symbol.” And maybe, that’s the reason our celebrity stars flaunt the look in -and-out, from the streets to the red carpets! We’ve seen the reality TV star Kim [...]

How To: Make Sure Your Suede Shoes Stay Slick

Suede shoes spell classy at first glance but, as much as they look good they need good care too. If you have a couple of suede shoes that are stained or, are planning to buy a new pair and having second thoughts because of the “care factor”, read on to find out some simple steps [...]

Reptile Print Shoes –A Fast-growing Trend Now! Get ‘em at a 31% Discount!

Reptile-print shoes made it big in 2000, but haven’t been around since then. These long-forgotten shoes are BACK WITH A BANG now as the new flavor of the season. They’re for you, if you fall in to the category of dressing wild and sexy. Angelina Jolie showed up at the 2013American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding [...]

Perfect Spring look – The Cap Toe Shoes!

Origin: The first pair of cap-toe shoes was  invented by Gabrielle Coco Chanel in the year 1957. Why The Name Cap Toe: Coco Chanel designed the shoes with a piece of fabric covering the toe area and,hence the name! It can be used either ways – to inject the colorblock look, or to serve a [...]

Shop the Cap-Toe Trend at a 30% Discount from Banana Republic!

There’s a trend on the rise that you should be looking out for – the cap-toe shoes! Cuteness, elegance, colorblocking – these shoes infuse all of them in one pretty pair. Ever wondered who was the first to design a cap toe shoe? It’s none other than the fashion legend, Coco Chanel. She made the [...]