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Geo Sequin Mini

Geo Sequin Mini

Without them, our Friday and Saturday nights wouldn’t be complete, Posh Spice’s signature look would have been so much less interesting and ‘snazzy chic’ wouldn’t be depicted as well as it should. Know what we’re talking about? Mini-skirts!

Ladies, this year marks the fiftieth anniversary of our favorite skirt, since the time it was first featured in the fashion mag, Vogue. Been so long and it’s still a can’t-do-without in any closet – now that’s what you call a classic!

A few brief-up’s on how it came about!

The Creators

  • Often called the mother of mini’s, Mary Quant, a London designer started shortening hemlines in her designs in the late 1950’s. The inspiration came from ballerinas, she wanted clothes that would make a woman free to dance. The skirt got its name from Mary Quant’s favorite car, the Mini Cooper.
  • Another person who is noted for inventing mini’s is French designer, Andre Coureggas. He started playing around with the hemlines from as early as 1961.

The Rise

  • The gorgeous lady, Jean Shrimpton who is considered as one of the world’s first supermodels is the unofficial launcher of the miniskirt. Back when the low hemline was still a far sighted trend, Jean attended the 1965 Victoria Derby in Melbourne, Australia wearing a Colin Rolfe shift mini dress sans accessories except for a watch and flats.
  • Miniskirts reached fame in new heights in London in the ‘60’s era when the it-models of the moment like Twiggy started sporting them, causing trend sensations.
  • American clothing chains were reluctant to adopt the skirt style that is, until the most stylish First Lady, Jackie O, donned one.

Fast forward to 2014 and you can still sight the biggest trendsetters and fashionistas like Olivia Palermo, Kate Bosworth, Solange Knowles and more flaunting their legs in a mini every now and then.

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