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Celebrate a “Red Letter Day” with Banana Republic’s Whopping 40% discount!

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Red FashionDerived from the visible spectrum of light, the plush red hue which is generally associated with love and passion is now under our close scrutiny. Symbolizing strong emotions, the striking red shade is believed to be a stimulant which raises levels of physiological and nervous activity in the body, including increased blood pressure and physical exertion!

Not the only one of its kind on the spectrum wheel, red has its own spectral coordinates that are equally as strong as the primary color itself. Having said that, take a look at the close derivatives of red and the unique combination of colors that form them -

  1. Scarlet: Falling between red and orange, yet more inclined towards the orange hue, scarlet is the shade which is in close proximity to the color of burning flames or fire.
  2. Crimson: A mixture of bright red with a hint of blue tinge results in the oh-so-lovely crimson. Considered the color of blood, it represents true emotions of passion and is often associated with academics, with top universities using the shade to mark its emblem.
  3. Vermillion: Known as China red, vermilion is a blend of red and orange, similar to that of scarlet but slightly more orange.  Symbolizing love, marriage and religion, this shade is frequently associated to the color of life and eternity.

Having learnt of the unique shades of red and its exceptional color coordinates, its time you took to this plush color in style with Banana Republic’s wide range of red colored ensembles, like this ponte fit-and-flare red dress, which you can get at a steal with Banana Republic’s massive offer! Get a whopping 40% discount on your purchase of $200 or more and 35% discount on purchase of $150 and below.

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