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The Christmas Dress Code for Men 2014 – Part II

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Tailored Slim-fit Non-iron Pinstripe Cotton Pants

Tailored Slim-fit Non-iron Pinstripe Cotton Pants

Continuing on the previous write-up where we gave you a list of outfit ideas and the plausible dress codes that you can effortlessly adopt for the winter; here comes a few more to brighten up your festive morning…

  • No one wants to dread winter by trying to look as refined and polished and cut off the added bulk that comes with outerwear. With every season comes the change in style and it’s perfectly alright to wear a giant parka to escape the winter apocalypse. For that added edge, go for the parka that has a little shine to it on the outside.
  • The moment you lay your eyes on pinstripes, it’s perfectly understandable if you try to stay away from it owing to the Wall Street look it renders. But, the era has ended and it’s time for donning pinstripes for a rather laidback, casual dress look. (Try rolling up your pants a few inches so as to reach your ankle. The crop look adds to the much-needed intensity). So claim your spot and remember pinstripes are no longer an outlaw.
  • Now this is something that might be right up your alley! A monochrome look can be as much manly as it is suave. Often considered as the safe look, it can strike the right chord provided it is worn to a T; take the late Johnny Cash for instance, if not the latest jay-Z!

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