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The Christmas Dress Code for Men 2014 – Part I

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Jaxson Wool Sneakers

Jaxson Wool Sneakers

Long gone are the days when men didn’t know the knack of pulling off a great look – thanks to the ever-growing fashion sense that’s been instilled into the minds, as literally everything is merely judged up on one’s look. Take our word for it, by literally, we do mean literally! And for these fashion-savvy men, who are in the constant lookout for their next big look, here’s how you can snag the prospect of X-mas eve and dress up to a T without you being worried sick about looking tacky – after all, nothing’s wrong during Christmas!

Now that said, don’t try to achieve too many at one go. You might want to consider looking for safer yet impressive dressing options like these. Take a look below.

  • Suits are inevitable, especially during Christmas Eve. While you look on to give it an awesome twist without disrupting its integrity, here’s your best chance with corduroys, for they keep you warm and cozy and come in an affordable price range, having made from humble cotton. And let’s not forget the ingenious ridges or wales as some call it, that constitute to a three dimensional look. Now that’s the best you could come up with for the ‘big bang’!
  • Some tend to just forget about their shoes and focus more on their clothing. But let’s not forget, little things make a big difference. As with the season’s biggest trend, minimalist look makes for a palpable sense of awe, like a pair of stark white sneakers that puts attention back on its silhouette. You might seriously wanna try this one!

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