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Clintwood Junior Set to Rock the Tinsel Town!

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Mens StyleFor what could women like in a man the most, Clint Eastwood of the 60s fame turned out to be more than just a handful with his no-bulls manly look and stylish persona back then. But now that it’s not the 60s anymore, it is his son, Scott Eastwood who has set out to take the tinsel town by storm!

Yes, you heard it right. As hunky and smart as his father used to be then (not that he isn’t right now), Scott Eastwood shares flashes of his legend father’s striking similarities, perfect to make every woman gush about. And with such great looks to back him, there’s no wonder he’s decided to follow the same footstep as his father, choosing to act.

Having starred in a few movies with his dad and on his own, if reports are to be right, Scott will share screen space with other stars in upcoming films, The Perfect Wave, Dawn Patrol and Fury. So, just wait a little longer and see him bring as much to the table as his father did!

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