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How To: Get Coco Chanel’s Classic Look

Coco Chanel's Classic LookThere are hardly any fashion blogs which don’t mention Coco Chanel in atleast one or two posts, especially while talking about the classics. She is known for introducing LBDs, stripes, pearls and more to the world at large. Thought it’s been forty-two years since she died, she still inspires many women today in their daily fashion choices. If you’re one of those who have got the “Chanel Fever” one time or the other, read on to find out how to dress as timelessly beautiful as her!

Perfecting the Contrasts: Coco Chanel was often seen wearing black-and-white and white-and-navy combinations not only as stripes but by contrasting the colors. She made sure to play with proportions when sporting these color combinations. As she said, “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.”

Own the LBD: You may or may not own an LBD but the key is not just buying and wearing it, you have to own the look! To do it in the Chanel style, team it with layers of pearls and classic pumps.

The Lady Suit: Coco Chanel was also the first person to design lady suits – consisting of a boxy jacket and below-the-knee skirt. She not only designed them but also wore them often, even in her older years. If you can’t lay your hands on a classic Chanel suit, you can always get the similar ones from Banana Republic.

Perfectly Flared Pants: The designer believed that pants make women free! In a famous photograph of hers, she wore palazzo pants with a simple top, pearls and turban-like hat. Wide flared pants are big and back in fashion, get one and style it like the icon!

Wo-Man: The key to most of her outfit styles was mixing masculine elements with the feminine. Coco is famous for wearing her boyfriends outfits and giving her own look to it!

Faux Haute: Though she loved piling up on the accessories, they were not always the “real deal”. She had a liking for rubies, embedded cuffs, brooches and of course, pearls but she made it a point to mix the pure breeds with faux pieces. Coco Chanel could even make a white shirt look glamorous by – piling it up with jewelry!

The Two-tone Shoes: She was also the first person to design two-tone shoes in a cap-toe structure. She believed that a cap-toe design makes legs look longer and slimmer. Get yourself a couple of two-tone cap-toe shoes from Banana Republic!

The Two Must-Haves: In order to achieve Coco Chanel’s style, there are two things you must have – a nautical striped top and a black quilted shoulder bag. They are both timeless pieces that have been in trend from a long time and will continue to stay in trend for years to come!

Lastly, make sure that you always smell good, as Coco says, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future”! Now that you got the basic ideas, get to the next step – shopping! Whether it’s two tone shoes, nautical striped tops, wide-leg pants, LBDs or pearls you want,you’ll find them all in Banana Republic.

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