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Colors of Winter

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Heritage Embroidered Top

Heritage Embroidered Top

We know it’s still pretty early to declare hits and misses, but if you take a look at the recent runways shows, there were plenty of winter colors there! From earthy browns or peachy oranges, there were a lot of colors that were perfect for winter! Here are some excerpts…

Burnt orange! One of the colors that had prominent face-time during the recent runways, this one is cool, gorgeous and simply stunning! The color is a perfect balance between orange and brown with hints of red here and there! The great thing about this color is that it is low maintenance, which means you don’t have to worry about staining your pants from that snow slurry. Also, it works great with both bright colors like yellow, royal blue and green, and dark shades like basic black, charcoal gray and navy! And for lovers of ombre, you could try this color in its many graduating shades in a festive gown or sheath!

Military green! Just like burnt orange, military green in also a practical color that can work very well for the season. It can take some dirt and still have nothing to show for it – the main reason why this color was adapted into the military! Another great reason is that, when you wear this color for formal occasions in the form of a suit or a jumpsuit, they look spectacular and totally in place!

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