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Know How to coordinate necktie with your outfit!

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Purple Silk Skinny TieThough some might feel the concept of wearing a necktie odd, it is still one of the most appreciated work and high-profile-event look ever! Adding a necktie to your attire will help achieve a sharp, sophisticated style! Look at your boss across the cabin, there’re 9 out of 10 chances that he might be wearing one! And, look at male celebrities while attending red carpets or galas – you’ll hardly see someone without one!

Now, when it comes to coordinating a necktie with your shirt, you might have a really hard time figuring out! So you might as well feel it better to lose one, than wearing it wrong! Well, you don’t have to put up with that odd situation again! Here’re a few ways how you can pair up the right one with your outfit!

  • White shirts are a wardrobe staple! Any colored tie goes well with a white shirt. Here’s a rather unusual phrase to remember when it comes to neckties, “when in doubt, wear white”!
  • Choose a tie that’s completely different from your shirt’s shade but still has details or small patterns in your shirt color! For instance, a yellow shirt with gray tie that has yellow stripes or dots.
  • When you have bright colored ties to pair up, tone it down for work with a gray shirt, or keep it the highlight of your look with a black shirt! However, the former is appropriate for work and the latter for events or occasions!
  • Now comes the challenge with striped shirts! Though it might sound hard, it’s not that tough to coordinate. Always remember to pair your striped shirt with a tie that has prints like diagonal stripes, broken lines or polka dots or patterns!

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