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Define your Style with Sunglasses!

Women's SunglassesWinters also call for sunglasses as summers do, so picking up a perfect pair of sunglasses becomes essential! You can look your prettiest on any given day while keeping your eyes safe from the harmful UV rays. Choose from the various shades and styles available at Banana Republic and rock the stylish look right away!

The origin of sunglasses dates back to the Roman times where Emperor Nero watched gladiator fights through emeralds, to avoid sun from getting into his eyes. There’re no other proper evidences of any others wearing one until the 12th century when China invented the proper pair of sunglasses. Lenses were made from imperfection-heavy quartz to block the light from the sun and primitive frames were used to hold it on to the wearer’s face.

It was only in the 20th century that the big-time Hollywood stars started wearing them to shield their eyes from bright studio lights. Gradually, Polaroid glasses came in to existence and from then on, only a fewer developments were made – but the basic science and materials remain the same since the last seventy years!

While you’re thinking of choosing the right frame to suit your face, always remember to choose shades in a shape that’s right opposite to your face shape. Here’re your tips: Round shaped face can go for geometric shapes like ovals, wraps and shields. If you have an angular or thin face, wearing round frames can help you achieve the illusion of a fuller face. But those of you with oval face – you’re certainly lucky to pull off any style! Sport any style of eyewear from aviator to oversize, cat-eye to wayfarer, but pick with account to the right details of your face shape. After all, sunglasses define your style!

Get some stylish sunglasses for an affordable price at Banana Republic. You get to save a fair amount on your entire purchase with awesome offers rolled out on the site. Once you’re through shopping, enter the valid Banana Republic promo code at checkout to redeem the discount. Shop big or go home with Banana Republic online coupons!