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Define Your Style!

High/low Midi Skirt

High/low Midi Skirt

If you constantly find yourself standing in front of your wardrobe, telling yourself “I have nothing to wear!”, then there’s something seriously wrong with your wardrobe. Take stock of what you have; just step back and observe what are the pieces you have in your closet. Make a study of the most prominent colors you have and try to find out what are the most common fabrics you use. Then move on to the silhouettes; do you prefer body-hugging fabrics or loose-fitting undefining clothes?

By the time you’re done answering these question you would have a pattern in your hands. Then, it’s time to ask yourself this very important question: What are the outfits that make you feel best? You see, you could have a ton of clothes in your wardrobe and they could be based on a style that you like too, but the most important thing is, ‘does that style suit you?’. If it does, then by all means, you’ve found your personal style and you can continue to shop for outfits that mirror your style. But if doesn’t then you need to find your style! You can start with a style board and collect images of your favorite styles; alternately, you could also explore the featured styles on your favorite shopping sites and start from there.

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