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Textured Black V-Neck Dress

Textured Black V-Neck Dress

There has been a lot of talk around the fashion bizz lately as to how colors could make an effect on your look. Not to imply it’s untrue, but to make you realize that there are no rules to fashion per se when it comes to defining your statement look. This season, unleash your inner fashion sense and take the world on as it comes!

The 46-year-old actress Nicole Kidman rocked an all black ensemble when she landed on February 27th 2014 in LA. She wore a black shirt with white detailing, with cropped black trousers. She layered the ensemble with a black tailored blazer and wrapped up the look with patent leather brogues.

From a simple shirt to lacy numbers, get your hands on some of the coveted “black styles” and keep heads turning. And as with right accessories, you can always put a spin to your statement look!

Well, if you have a craze for attires and accessories in black, you’ve got a big collection to set your trend on fire. And that one stop destination is of course, Banana Republic!

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