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Dress like America’s Sweetheart!

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Ponte Fit-and-flare Dress

Ponte Fit-and-flare Dress

She is defined by her effortlessly cool and classic American styles, so it’s no wonder that Jennifer Aniston  is called, America’s Sweetheart! She has mastered the art of dressing for the red carpets and has even found her own success formula. It’s a simple combination that she repeats again and again but still manages to top the list of best dressed celebrities. Here’s a breakdown of her style files.

When in doubt wear black!

Take a sneak peak at any of Jennifer’s style files and you’re sure to find at least half of them are all-black outfits. Her style is by no means earth-shattering, but still the pretty lady sticks to classy and elegant black that lets her shine through the day. As for you, black has many redeeming qualities, it’s slimming, it’s elegant and is the best choice to bring out that fabulous sun-tan you worked so hard for in the previous season.

Show-off in a pencil skirt!

The Good Girl actress loves to flaunt her slender frame in a pencil skirt just as much as reality star Kim Kardashian. She never wears dysfunctional outfits or girly pieces with frills or flowers, instead she opts for practical outfits with a lot of substance and style. After all, the 45-year old beauty has a thin frame that would give any 20-year old a run for money, so why not flaunt it in style?

When it’s not black, opt for nude!

It’s not that Jennifer loves only black, when she needs to gravitate towards other colors, she smartly picks nude. She has a soft glowing skin with a nice tan and fabulously perfect blonde hair that looks touchable but sexy when paired with a nude outfit.

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