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One Dress, Five Different Ways!

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Ruched Black Sheath

Ruched Black Sheath

Is it actually possible for someone to wear the same dress to work five days in a row and not have a single breathing soul spot you out? That’s exactly the kind of challenge, the editor and Social Media Associate, Jennifer Davis of ‘Instyle‘ wanted to find out. And in order to do that, she carried out an experiment; she picked the most trusted garment any woman would swear by on any given day – the little black dress.

The first day, she wore it as a dress with stockings and booties; the second day she layered her dress with a sweater and tried to pass it off as a skirt, the third and fifth day, she layered it differently with a full-sleeve button-front shirt and a turtleneck full-sleeve sweater and on the fourth day, she did a Scottish number with a simple plaid shirt. And, the end result of the experiment: Ms. Davis found out that not only did her colleagues not find out that she was repeating the same outfit everyday five days in a row, they also went ahead and showered her with compliments on all the days. This is by no means a simple feat, considering that she works for a fashion magazine, but she did anyway and the results are but impressive.

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