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SocksSocks are the least talked about apparel but also one of the most necessary ones! No closet is complete without a pair, and these days they have started emerging from being just a necessity to a fashionable accessory!

Well, read on to find out some interesting facts about socks!

  • Can you believe that socks used to be a luxury item? Due to the complications of producing it, socks were only afforded by the rich in the tenth century.
  • The Ancient Greeks are believed to have worn socks made from animal hair in the 8th century!
  • The first socks weaving machine was invented in 1589 by William Lee because his wife apparently spent too much time weaving socks.
  • Do you know how the word “socks” came about? It was derived from the Latin word “soccus” which means loose-fitting slipper.
  • It is said that a family of four loses upto sixty socks every year!

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