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How to Look Fashionable in Just Basics

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Bold Stripe Cutaway Tank

Bold Stripe Cutaway Tank

Let’s face it! Not everyone can afford to have only big brands and key players in their closet. It’s a great fairy tale but reality is something else altogether! So, for the girl who has big dreams but lives real, here’s a little guide on how to look fashionable when you all you have are basics…

Confidence is the key! There is nothing like confidence to make a simple look seem brilliant! You could be wearing a pair of sweatpants and a casual ripped tee shirt, but a hint of confidence goes a long way in sweetening the deal!

Great shoes! They say that, Cinderella is proof that a great pair of shoes can totally change your life! Let’s all just raise a toast to whoever said that and grab the best pair of shoes from the closet and use them up like there’s no tomorrow.

If there’s only one thing that’s next to owning to great shoes, it’s owning a great handbag! A smart, may or may not be expensive, but great-looking handbag can lift up and elevate your look to new heights.

And finally, when all you’re wearing are basics, add something special. Like a piece of jewelry with a story behind it, or a special scarf; and when nothing else works, how about bold red lips?

Looking fashionable is not about following trends; in fact, it’s about saying ‘me’ when everyone else says ‘me too’! Find your inner fashionista! Shop at BR now and avail a whopping 40% discount on your purchase using Banana Republic online coupons. Just key in the Banana Republic coupon code BRSAVE at checkout to avail the offer. Hurry, this offer clocks out by April 30, 2016.