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So, What does your Favorite Color Convey?

yellow outfitColors are not simply the shades that keep your outfit interesting – they are interlinked with your moods and emotions! Each color is unique and it conveys some message in its own way when worn. So, we bring you the write-up to tell you what the colors reflect – all you have to do is wear the right color for the right occasion and make yourself event-appropriate! Read on to know what does your favorite color conveys!!

  • Blue – exudes freshness, confidence and commitment. So you can prefer this hue for all your professional days and meetings.
  • Red is often associated with bold and sexy; it also commands attention for the fact that they are bright and hot. So, pick your party wear in red and see for yourself the  attention you grab!
  • The most stylish color related to style, elegance and power is black. Be it anything from parties to get-togethers, you can look incredibly sophisticated with almost no effort!
  • Goodness, innocence and purity are a few things white conveys. As blacks, whites can also be preferred for all occasions – And nevertheless to mention, you’ll look incredibly posh in white.
  • Green – the color that’s attributed to Mother Nature can also be used to refer some of the other qualities like prestigious, soothing and refreshing. Unlike most of the other colors, green goes well with almost every other shade in the color palette!
  • Yellow stands for cheer and energy. Yellows are perfect to catch the eyes, especially for a total stand-out look in the midst of the crowd.

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