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Follow the Polo – in Roger Federer’s Style!

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T ShirtMost of us would dread at the prospect of balancing a family life with a life on the professional ATP circuit. And, considering that the next of the Federer clan is due this year, things might just turn out to be a little more hectic.

But, this guy, he does the tightrope act to perfection, what with the prospect  of trying to add to his record tally of 17 grand slam titles at this month’s Australian Open and keep mum the critics who are composing his epitaphs.

He doesn’t leave out on the style factor either, with an impeccable sense of dressing  which could put a tinsel towner to shame. His fashion sense translates well into the tennis court  with some out-of-the box  thinking that tops the merchandise stakes for his sponsor, Nike. And, it’s all thanks to Roger Federer for making  Polo shirts seem like such an amazing and reliable choice of sportswear.

The trademark Polo shirt and shorts have been Mr. Federer’s signature style ever since he started climbing the ladder to tennis immortality and he carries off the style with aplomb. It just broadens the pairing up scope of polo shirts, whatever may be the color.

Dark colored or striped polo shirts team up well with shaded  or worn out jeans  to lend a laid back flair to your look along with a pair of casual shoes. It’s the ideal example for a formal-casual blend  of clothing that never ever seems odd and is a safe bet if you just want to look effortlessly stylish.

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