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Framed Sheaths for Illusion at its Best!

Francine framed sheathFlaunting the curves is every woman’s dream AND, women who weren’t blessed with a perfect shape now have their chance to look all the more perfect and rock their curves,  thanks to the brilliant design of the framed sheath dress!

Unlike other dresses, a framed sheath dress has contour colorblock at the sides to create an illusion of a slimmer figure. It is one of the best red carpet looks ever and had a raving buzz when brought to the spotlight by the ever-beautiful Kate Winslet!

A successful Hollywood star like her doesn’t have to wear the same dress twice unless there is a high regard for the outfit. And do you know she was spotted wearing the same framed sheath dress twice in different colors in big-time Hollywood red carpet events?

She first wore a black and white figure-hugging Octavia sheath dress during the premiere of Mildred Pierce in Venice. This red carpet look spread talks like wildfire around the country and the dress was acclaimed to having found a thinner version of Kate. Then, she made headlines once again wearing the same version of the dress in a red and black combination at the premiere of Carnage.

It’s not just her who is famous for rocking the contour sheath dress. The Armageddon beauty, Liv Tyler took to the red carpet in an electric blue and black version of the same dress for The Ledge premiere in New York and looked stunning.

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