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George Clooney in Suit: A Style worth Copying!

Two-Button Suit BlazerWe all know him for being witty, smart and handsome, but according to Giorgio Armani, the famous Italian fashion designer, Clooney is a person who makes a suit look “simply fantastic.”!

He made his television debut in 1978, and has managed to dress up every time to the latest trends in fashion since then. But it was in the 1990s that he actually made the world look up to him for men’s fashion. His million-dollar hairstyle and monochromatic suits were abuzz with the release of the first Ocean’s film. He is the perfect example of an age-old adage that men get better-looking with age!

Though blacks, grays and whites are his major picks from the color palette, it is the Charcoal suit that truly embodies his high fashion sense! The brand Ambassador of Omega was spotted in a brilliant charcoal suit at the Nicolas G. Hayek Center building during an Omega-Event in Tokyo – If there’s a best way to mimic the star, it can be nothing other than this crisp “suit look”!

He wore a charcoal suit blazer with a classic black shirt and pulled off a semi-formal look by neglecting a tie. To copy his style, button up the suit while arriving at any event and, open it up later for a cool look.

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