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Know the Hat facts and Get One at a 25% Discount from Banana Republic!

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Women's HatsThe famous milliner, Louise Green said, “Wearing a hat is like having a baby or a puppy; everyone stops to coo and talk about it.” It’s so true! Hats are the perfect addition to an ensemble; they make or break the look. Hold on! We ain’t going deep in to the fashion norms of hats, rather, we’ll learn some interesting facts about them!

  • Do you remember referring to a crazy person with the colloquial term, “Mad as a Hatter”? Well, then you should know why you call them so! During the 18th and 19th century, felt fibers were used for making hats. In order to bind them, some amount of mercury was used. People who were involved in the manufacture of these hats developed dementia due to mercury being inhaled with the felt dust. And that’s how the phrase came into being.
  • Again, you might have come across the phrase, “The Danbury Shakes”, any idea about the story behind it? History has it that the Danbury Ct. in America was the capital of hat making in 1800s. People over there were also affected by mercury and named the ailment, “The Danbury Shakes”!
  • Did you know what Coco Chanel, Roy Halston Frowick, and Adolfo have in common? They took up millinery as their first job!
  • The earliest usage of hats dates back to 15,000 years, the depictions from the cave paintings stand a witness!

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