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Head Over Heels!

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Ninah Pumps

Ninah Pumps

High heels! Who wouldn’t love to own a pair of great heels? Not only do these towering high heels add a subtle sexual statement to your persona, they also give you a bold and daring identity to work with. Think of a few prominent figures in fashion, let’s say Marilyn Monroe, Madonna or Sarah Jessica Parker; can you ever imagine them without their high heels? Their sky-rocketing high heels are woven into their persona that it’s not even possible to imagine them without their trademark heels.

High heels give you an air of being in control! It’s not without reason that these shoes have been incorporated into the power dresser’s wardrobe. Amidst all the hula-hoopa about liberating women from the stereotype of sky-high heels, it remains no mystery as to why these shoes are still so popular! High heels belong to, and to say the very least, rule, the privileged universe of the corporate dress code.

While flats have fallen in and out of fashion a number of times in the past, there has never been an instance where anyone has claimed heels are a passe nor that they need to be replaced with flats!

Embrace these high heels and you are sure to be the reigning queen of fashion no matter where you go! Shop for a killer pair of heels at BR and save an extra 50% on women’s sale styles! Just key in the Banana Republic coupon code BRSALE at checkout to redeem the offer. Hurry, this offer is valid only for today, July 25, 2015.

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