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iFashion – An Ode to Steve Jobs and Turtlenecks! Shop Some Today at a 40% OFF!

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What is the most enduring image of Steve Jobs that lingers in public memory? Rewind your mind back to those Apple conventions where he announces to the world their latest addiction-to-be. He was wearing a simple statement of black and blue that received such a boost in sales after his untimely demise and is fast becoming the most established pop-culture imagery one could relate to.

This much polarizing, but incredibly recognizable CEO wore the black ‘turtleneck’ like a uniform. And by some twisted case of irony, this unlikely fashion choice has been heralded along with his pioneering technological innovations as his legacy. A funny world we live in, no doubts about that!

One way to describe the ‘turtleneck’ is with its versatility. How often do you come across a garment which keeps you snug during the winter, but could still pass off as a stylish outfit for warmer days?  Turtlenecks make a great addition to your wardrobe.

You can pair it with either formal pants or jeans and look dapper as ever. The elegance brought forth by the natural dark shades of brown, gray or beige ups your cool quotient. Teaming it with a blazer or scarf gives you plenty of options to work on a look that is yours to stay.

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