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Jaden Smith Poses for LV in a Skirt!

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Foulard Maxi skirt

Foulard Maxi skirt

Gender bender has always been a thing for the young Mr. Smith, but posing for the new Louis Vuitton campaign, in women’s clothes, now that is something entirely different. For the young star of the Instagram-generation who speaks his mind openly, this is certainly a step up!

Speaking of Jaden’s style, one can safely say that it has always been revolutionary at best! And, this is one star-kid that really knows how to clean up well for he looks just as impressive in a suit as he does in a convincing pair of loose-fitted jeans and a baggy tee shirt. So, while it does come as a surprise that Jaden’s taken up modeling for LV, it is certainly a surprise when the brand in question is Louis Vuitton, after all, it’s the flagship brand of LVMH!

In an era where gender-free clothing is emerging victorious, and bending the lines between men and women’s clothing limits set by age-old preconceived notions and standards is a day-to-day thing, we are the lucky ones who get to witness the magnificent transformation in clothing mar the safe lines between genders.

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