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Kate Moss – An Enigma in Fashion!

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Printed Zip-front Dress

Printed Zip-front Dress

Kate Moss is one of the most enviable fashion models in the world. And her style is simply impressive. She has one of the most expensive wardrobes in town and rarely fails to make headlines when she steps out of her house. She is gorgeous and has the perfect figure to pull it off. But what is it that makes her the star that she is? Is it her million dollar wardrobe or is it her impeccable sense of styling or is it her enviable frame? Read on to find out the answer…

When it comes to denim styles, Kate is quite the trendsetter. She always opts for a style that’s not currently in vogue but once she’s shown them how to do it, Kate’s style pops up all over town. Back in the days when skinny jeans and low-waist denims were making headlines, Kate went on to promote high-waisted jeans and boot-cut flared denims. And, it was only a matter of time before everyone started following Kate’s style.

And, when it comes to dresses, Kate’s style is simply effortless and casual. She would never be caught dead in something that would take too much time to put together. Her dresses speak of vintage style with classy cuts and simple hemlines that highlight her legs and complement her petite frame.

If there’s one thing that can be said about Kate’s style, it is that she is an enigma when it comes to fashion. But, we can always learn from the gorgeous star, right!

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