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Keep It The Way You Want It To Be!

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Trendy OutfitsThere’s a reason why hair is called the crowning glory of a woman. Be it short or long, every woman feels proud about their hair – after all, they make or break the look. There were days when hair dyeing was simply a “no-no”. Many stayed away from it just ‘coz they thought it might lead to hair fall, only to their loss.

Hair dyeing originated way back in the 15th century. Don’t believe it? Read on to know more!

In 1661, the book, Eighteen Books of the Secrets of Art & Nature written by Johann Jacob Wecker clearly explained the various methods of hair coloring in black, gold, green, red and yellow. With it grew the idea of hair dying; no wonder it has evolved BIG in the 21st century.

Let’s look at some hot celebs that rock the hair color trend the best.

Rihanna, the queen of bold fashion colored her hair flaming red. Red hair is related to being fiery and seductive, and too perfect to support the concept was RiRi – she looked every bit hot and sexy!

Well, coming over to the American singer Katy Pery, she painted her hair blue. And needless to mention, the quirky royal blue worked pretty well in her favor – it was equally sizzling as red. Her spunkiness amazed the fashion world and she kept it rolling for red carpets and runways too!

The fashionistas keep updating the trends, and of course, they never miss to teach us the new styles – hair colors are one such stuff. All that they do to look stylish is pick outfits that complement their hair color. Now break the shell; show your spunkiness by coloring your hair the way you want to. But, remember to choose the right outfits too!

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