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Layering Lessons

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V-Neck Tank

V-Neck Tank

Layering isn’t just for the winter; it’s a straightforward way to give an edgy look to a simple shirt or dress. Team a scarf with a button-down shirt to add a pop of color and nd you get a whole remixed look! Read on to find some of the basics do’s and don’ts when it comes to layering-


Trying out a pullover-over-button-down-shirt look? Keep an eye on the neckline, cos if it’s too high, it will look stuffy. Try a V-neck or a lower rounded neck.


Leather and faux fur are among a couple of textures that add a great deal of sophistication and instant glamour to any look. Team a pair of leather leggings with your LBD or under longer sweaters.  All you need are a pair of killer heels and you are set to fire up the party!

Prints and patterns

When working with more than one print or pattern keep eye on how many there are. Two prints are cool, three is fine too, and anymore than three, it gets too messy. Polka dots and plaid can be worked out with almost anything. They work well together too. Try a polka dot sweater over a plaid button up shirt and a pair of skinnes with ankle boots.

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