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Leather Jackets: A Must-have!

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Faux-Leather Sleeve Jacket

Faux-Leather Sleeve Jacket

Just like the timeless and classic LBD or a pair of black pumps, the leather jacket is a must-have item in every woman’s wardrobe. Yup, ladies! The leather jacket is no longer a trend reserved for road rangers and boho chics. Now, it’s for everyone!

Faux or real, these jackets have plenty to offer in terms of style. Pair them with jeans and a blouse, or pair them with a posh pencil skirt and work-top, the trendy jacket is all you need to be the center of attention. But picking the right kind of leather jacket can be a tricky one and there are many ways one can go wrong. For example, the fit, the color, the texture and then comes the big dilemma zippered or buttoned? Or, quilted or plain? And, just when you get these details figured out, you have to decide if you want them with shearling or not! Fret not, for we are here to walk you through the process; just follow these simple tips and voila, you’ll end up with the perfect leather jacket!

  • Choose a short biker jacket with a boxy fit, if you are planning to layer it up for winter. Choose something a bit loose and not figure-hugging, so you can layer it with bulky sweaters!
  • Snuggle up in your sweater dress and drape a fancy leather jacket over it for a Kate Moss-approved look.
  • If you plan to wear your jacket over a maxi dress, pick a fitted crop jacket. It would make a nice finishing touch to the casual affair of the maxi!
  • While we love the all-black outfit for its slimming and figure-flattering appeal, choose tan and olive shades for a fresh spin on the trusted leather jackets.
  • Love playing with prints? Choose a pair of graphic printed pants and contrast it with a bright leather jacket. Monochrome pants and bright jackets in yellow, red or blue make a striking combination.

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