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The Legend That Is – Kate Moss’ 40 Iconic Years!

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Leopard Print Faux Wrap Dress

Leopard Print Faux Wrap Dress

The Beginning:

In 1974, January 16, a little girl was born to Linda Rosina and Peter Edward Moss in the town of Cryodon, Greater London. No one would have guessed that day the impact this baby christened, Kate Moss, was going to have in the world of stardom, modeling and fashion in her coming years.

Like many other models, Kate Moss was discovered on a random day while she was at the JFK airport by Sarah Doukas, founder of one of the world’s leading modeling agencies, Storm Model Management. From then, her journey began an iconic one that stemmed as much criticism as praise.

While it was the era of curves, Moss was one of a stark, size zero figure but nevertheless she ruled, with each step showing she was born for the runways and, brought about the rise of the hip “heroin chic” trend.


The supermodel is said to be one of the most influential British model’s of all time, the kind that at her thirties and forties is still a demanded figure for magazine covers. She has campaigned for almost every big fashion name like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and more and this year too, she is already set on being the face of French fashion brand, ELEVENPARIS.

It’s been twenty-six years since her first stride in the modeling journey, and she still tops Forbe’s list of highest-paid models. At last year’s British Fashion Awards, the supermodel was given a Special Recognition Award for having been 25 years in the industry and still owning it!

Balancing the Act:

But, her journey hasn’t always been a joyride, as much praise as she garners, she has gained a fair amount of critics too. And, that’s where Kate Moss stands out even taller than her fellow models – she just doesn’t bother. She dresses the way she wants, does the things she likes, people’s talk don’t change her. She is a rebel chic, and one of the hottest ones ever lived.

The Kate Effect:

What’s most remarkable is her influence in fashion. Even before Kate Middleton, there was Kate Moss, whose outfit set trends and achieved sell-outs at stores. She’s the kind who doesn’t follow but instead, get’s followed, such is her influence that it bought about the term, “The Kate Effect”.

Here’s a list of few style’s she brought to fame –

Fur Delights – There’ll be few who can quite make fur as luxe as Kate Moss does. Over black tights and dresses, jeans and tees or maxi dresses, there are few occasions one gets to see Kate Moss without a posh fur layer.

Wellies - When Kate Moss attended the Glastonbury Music Festival in 2005 wearing short shorts, black tops and Hunter Wellington boots, the boots gained the “cool tag” in an instant.

Leather Glam – Whether as biker jackets or tight-fitted dresses, the lady knows how to work leather like a pro and carry off the grunge material, just effortlessly chic.

Vintage – Award shows or parties, Kate Moss has shown us the glam side of vintage with swoon-worthy slip dresses.

Leopard – Leopard prints were just another animal print until Kate Moss. They have now become another word for “easy glamour.”

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