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A Man’s Guide to Black-tie Suits

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There is so much fashion advice out there for the fairer sex that we tend to forget about the men in tux! When it comes to decoding the formal dressing guide, especially the black-tie suit guide, men need almost as much help as women do when it comes to picking out their party dress. So, here is a little break-down on the many different versions of the black-tie dress code. Take a look…

When your invitation clearly states black tie, keep things strictly formal; wear a black or a midnight blue tuxedo with a tux pleat shirt and matching pants with a cummerbund or a waistcoat. Well-polished black leather oxfords complete this look.

When you are required to go to a black tie optional event, you can either retain your black or dark tux and lose the black tie for a friendly colored bow-tie or, switch over to a dark gray tuxedo suit with a regular neck tie. Since you’re tossing out all formal elements of the black-tie dress code, , you can use a white pocket square to retain some level of formality in your outfit.

Black-tie creative events give you lot more freedom to explore your personal style than black-tie optional events in the sense that you can get away with wearing a colorful two-piece suit with a black tie, or keep your basic suit formally colored, either black, gray or navy, and go with a colorful bow tie!

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