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A Man’s Guide to Scarves

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Georgina Scarf

Georgina Scarf

Scarves are not just to keep you from the cold, these dainty little accessories serve up a lot more in terms of style too, you only need to know how to wear them! Here are a few ways to wear a scarf…

The Stylish New Yorker: This is perhaps one of the easiest and most stylish ways to wear a scarf. Take the scarf length-wise, fold it half and pull the loose ends through the loop you’ve just created with the folding. You can wear your scarf this way for both formal and casual occasions; in fact, that is the best part of this look; you can wear it with jeans and a tee shirt with as much comfort as you can with a two-piece suit.

The Gentleman’s Club:  Did you know that wearing your scarf a certain way spells success, status and wealth? Yes, it does! Wrap your scarf around your neck length-wise with one end greatly longer than the other! If your scarf is made from rich silk, crafted woolen or other expensive material, then this look will easily get you winning points!

The Ivy Leaguer: Ha Ha! The much coveted Ivy League look was as simple as tying a scarf! Just wrap the scarf around your neck length-wise but this time, keep the ends at equal length and tuck the ends into your coat lapel in a manner that your scarf forms a beautiful border around your jacket’s lapel!

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