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Men and Their Shoes!

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Caden Suede Oxford

Caden Suede Oxford

In today’s competitive world where we tend to judge people by face value, looking good becomes extremely important. And for men, it’s no longer just about having the right pin stripe suit or the crisp white cotton button down shirt. Now, it’s all trickled down to little details like shoes. They say that the devil is in the details and that couldn’t hold more true for men.

In fact, popular studies reflect on the fact that most interviews end with a handshake when the interviewee presents himself well but forgets to pay attention to his shoes. If that fact didn’t put you in tough spot, did you know that a lot of women confess to judging a man by his shoes?

Whether it’s just your fashion sense, your level of attention to detail or just your personality, paying attention while picking out the right kind of shoes is just as imperative as picking the right kind of tie or shirt!

Before you start panicking, here’s some good news to cheer you up. Unlike women, who seem to need a gazillion pair of shoes to go with their outfits, men just need a few pairs to stay stylish! And, before you swap out your credit cards and go shopping just remember this one little tip: when you buy shoes, make sure that you have a belt in the exact same shade as your shoes. You see, one of the simplest, oldest and most effective tricks to getting your looks right is to go match your shoes with your belt!

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