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Men! It’s Time to Embrace Fashion!

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Gavin Straight Cotton Chinos

Gavin Straight Cotton Chinos

A couple of decades ago, if you wanted to talk about men’s fashion you’d probably be laughed at for making an unremarkable statement as this; but today, the scenario is completely different with the alpha-male taking the center stage. It’s no longer just about women! Men to want to take a bite out of the delicacy called fashion!

So, what is about fashion that makes everyone, men included, go weak in their knees. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Today, everyone wants to look good; and the boring old age of sticking to just a couple of pants, formal suits and a few good shirts are not going to make anyone the crowd puller. So, the simple solution: go with the flow of fashion!

Gone are the days when men complained that women spent too much time in front of the mirror getting ready for an event or a party or the time spent putting on their make-up. These days, men are no longer shy of spending a few extra minutes in front of the vanity mirror trying to find the style that best suits them. In fact, they take their own sweet time getting ready! And, a few men have been known to dab their fingers into the make-up kit every now and then; men too, are aware of the use of proper moisturizers at night and sometimes even go with a little sunscreen or a concealer. Looks like the scenes of fashion are rally shifting and for the good too!

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